What makes Erling Haaland So Good? | Analysis
What makes BVB's Erling Haaland so good?
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Erling Haaland was Borussia Dortmund's top scorer in the past Bundesliga season. 27 goals speak for themselves - but what is the secret of his effectiveness? We show you Haaland's keys to success based on his skills in the areas of speed, dynamism, coordination and of course goalscoring. What do you think? Which attribute is his strongest? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Slurpii

    I love norway

  • Bloxy Peachy
    Bloxy Peachy

    He is so overrated

  • Grimmer Reaper
    Grimmer Reaper

    Video talking about Haaland and all his different body parts and physical features. Then suddenly at 2:33 starts talking about "bottom line" WTF.

  • MATRIX Lomachenko
    MATRIX Lomachenko

    Bundesliga defense is too open too much space between defenders , it's so easy to score

  • Chris Aung
    Chris Aung

    Passionate commentator name is what?

  • Cornelio Canelorti
    Cornelio Canelorti

    what actually make haaland so good is: 1. hard work 2. enjoy his life 3. smilig 4. why not?

  • Levan Mamaladze
    Levan Mamaladze

    Bundesliga: what makes Erling Haaland so good? Me: Adminho

  • BeastA1i YT
    BeastA1i YT

    He is the fastest player in the bundesliga

  • Cristoffer Ruiz
    Cristoffer Ruiz

    I hope he'll be playing in Spain to win a lot of thropies.

  • MR JonEe
    MR JonEe

    This man gotta be at the 90’s on fifa 22

  • Nik ChelseaFan
    Nik ChelseaFan

    He's so good Bundesliga makes an analysis of him

  • Ahsan Raza
    Ahsan Raza

    Omg simply amazing

  • Setshaba Ofentse
    Setshaba Ofentse

    Idol since last year and I'm getting better thanks to this beast.hope to be on the same stage as him one day

  • Replicant 2049
    Replicant 2049

    Sounds like you are Holland. Is that the correct pronunciation?

  • Abraham Canales
    Abraham Canales

    Welcome to Chelsea FC, the Champions of Europe

  • Alekz

    I just finished watching the show Ragnarok on Netflix and couldn’t stop thinking Haaland was actually the main character

  • Schrodinger's Neko
    Schrodinger's Neko

    Latest report (came yesterday) states that Haaland now weights 94 kilo (up from 88), and is apparently even faster.

  • Herry Setiawan
    Herry Setiawan

    He is the next Zlatan....😊

  • Cob Vanth
    Cob Vanth

    The day he starts talking at the interviews it will be like zlatan 2.0

  • Sporting Director
    Sporting Director

    Hard work

  • Kelvin

    3:23 😏😏😏

  • Omar

    “What makes Erling Haaland so good? Hard work!

  • Lucca Caixeta
    Lucca Caixeta

    Hard work

  • BaSsGaZ

    Dortmund has a thing for talents. Big teams buy it ready.

  • Edwin Becerra
    Edwin Becerra

    Come to the Champions of Europe!

  • franky__a

    Erling Haaland, best young all-rounded striker with his scoring instinct and interview.

  • Cosmic Pinecone
    Cosmic Pinecone

    0:05 Erling Haaland sweeping through the Bundesliga like a "Harry Kane" 😂

  • Creed

    Jesus Christ. The Bundesliga admins are really milking it hard by posting a Halaand video every damn week.

  • Rabagast__

    In his latest interview he told that he has gained 8 kg of muscles since he joined Dortmund.. So about 94 kg now.

    • yessir

      Which interview?

    • Andrew Spiegel
      Andrew Spiegel

      Good he actually speaks in interviews now

  • Erskain a
    Erskain a

    The truth is that Haaland is a robot.

  • armando18

    He said in an interview that he’s 94kg now. The 88kg weight is probably an old measurement.

    • armando18

      @yessir it was a norwegian interview with Jan Aage Fjørtoft on Viaplay. But you can find some of it on english if you just google «Erling Haaland 94kg»

    • yessir

      Which interview?

  • SigitPark_channel

    New ibracadabra

  • Aamir Feroz Kamarudheen
    Aamir Feroz Kamarudheen

    That audacity to tap on Lewandowski chest with that strength 😁

  • Random Buzz all around..
    Random Buzz all around..

    His simplicity

  • user

    All the players will be good in bundesliga. But when they come to premier league and la liga. They are nothing. Example thiago to Liverpool Dembele to barcelona

  • Abdullah

    Haalnd pun

  • roof pizza
    roof pizza

    Meep Meep.

  • Xirpzy

    Did he take the microship? Could be an explanation :D

  • Hello gjOtuagomah
    Hello gjOtuagomah

    Haaland: err.. hardwork.

  • C R
    C R

    How are you? Haaland: Football

  • Nicole

    He is one of the most intelligent players I've ever seen. He knows exactly what to do in every position. He knows very well how to take advantage of even the slightest mistake that opponent has made. I think that's the most important thing that makes him different from the others. And also he has everything that a world class player has to have. He is a devastating tank. Hope he will be even better.

  • Otto Welenberg
    Otto Welenberg

    Sergejs Šiškins PLeyes.

  • Maciej Pawluch
    Maciej Pawluch

    What makes Erling Haaland So Good? smoothie and hard work


    He lacks discipline.

  • Arslaan Mazhar
    Arslaan Mazhar

    Haaland is beast and just unstoppable.i hope he stays in BVB as long as he can because it will be good for bundasliga to have a player of his calibre and Bundasliga will need him for maximum views I guess.

  • بيرلو

    Bundesliga:What makes Erling Haaland So Good? Haaland:WHY NOT


    He is just a Machine

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend Rayquaza

    Perfect player. No flaws imo. Find one. PLZ CHELSEA SIGN HIM

  • TheMarkOfL

    I know what makes him so good! All that motivation from Adminho! He's the Bundesliga Admin's favourite player!

  • Ad Man
    Ad Man

    The Bundealiga is actually the best football PLeyes channels. Other league channels should make videos like these.

  • Vishesh Reimann
    Vishesh Reimann

    Haland is not that fast. When you see he don't seem to be quick. His is more forward because of his long leg.

  • Abraham Vengalil
    Abraham Vengalil

    These footballers are not good actors

  • Movie MANIA
    Movie MANIA

    Haaland got free inspiration from adminho Thats why he is a beats😒⬆️😏😏✅

  • FreshAir212

    Maybe its the amount of circle jerking videos the Bundesliga puts on its PLeyes channels about either Haaland or Lewandowksi. Literally every week its the same montage with one extra goal added on

  • chocograph

    What the heck.. you already did this video ages ago? Haha.

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali

    I think if we break the bank 🏦 Erlinh Halaand going be Chelsea player by this summer 🔵⚽️

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali

    Coming to European champions 🔵🏆⚽️

  • Lord of frogs frass cousin
    Lord of frogs frass cousin

    Welcome to Chelsea💙💙💙

    • Remz

      Jokeman 🤣

  • Thomas Johannessen
    Thomas Johannessen

    He actually weighs 94kg now. All muscle

    • BK007

      1.94 and 94 kilos. That makes sense.

  • tanish parmeet biswas
    tanish parmeet biswas

    3:24: When you beat your elder brother in FIFA.

    • tanish parmeet biswas
      tanish parmeet biswas

      @alpha Lucifer Btw do you know in which match this happened.

    • alpha Lucifer
      alpha Lucifer

      @tanish parmeet biswas yes i know this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • tanish parmeet biswas
      tanish parmeet biswas

      @alpha Lucifer Yeah exaclty that's what I wanted to say. Your lil brother acts like a boss after defeating you by losing 3 times in a row.

    • alpha Lucifer
      alpha Lucifer

      @tanish parmeet biswas yeah bro wasa good joke tho🤣 it's quite relatable how your lil brother reacts after winning a match losing 3 in a row😂

    • tanish parmeet biswas
      tanish parmeet biswas

      @alpha Lucifer Yeah I know. He is my favourite player. I didn't try to hurt or disrespect Lewandowski as well as Haaland. The thing I wrote was a joke.

  • Вадим Спинкин
    Вадим Спинкин

    Боруссия Дортмунд

  • Alex18

    The thing that makes haaland so good is that he's a gold machine

  • Lupus TheKIng
    Lupus TheKIng

    What software do you use to programm him 🤔🤔

    • Random Buzz all around..
      Random Buzz all around..

      @Bundesliga well no pun no fun

    • Random Buzz all around..
      Random Buzz all around..

      @Bundesliga lack of puns??

    • Random Buzz all around..
      Random Buzz all around..

      @Bundesliga you're not commenting as much as you did earlier.....

    • Bundesliga

      Think it's the same one they used for The Terminator 😎 😅

  • Its Viken
    Its Viken

    fifa = 84 pace

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown

    in all sports, the big guys always slower or at least very average. This guy is not only fast but one of the fastest players in the world ( google it) at 36.04 kmph. and he is not just tall but also 88 kg! thats crazy! and he is only 20 years old and shoots very well, smart positioning and timing, scoring goals at top level football. This guy is on his way to legendary things if he keeps this up.

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown

      @BK007 runs all this at that speed its crazy

    • BK007

      Actually he has gained 4 kilo after a special fitness program, so now he weighs 92 kilo. More muscles in the body. Speed has also improved according to him.

  • Naldo United
    Naldo United

    Even faster than eren in attack on titan 🙄🙄

  • It's me Leo
    It's me Leo

    Bundesliga: what make erling Haaland so good? Me : his interview😂

    • Zeo

      @Lucca Caixeta and yeah

    • Lucca Caixeta
      Lucca Caixeta

      Why not

    • It's me Leo
      It's me Leo

      @Bundesliga ya 😂😂

    • Bundesliga

      Knows how to rock the mic! 🎤 😄

  • franco sosa
    franco sosa

    Goretzka analysis!!

  • Marvin Black
    Marvin Black

    We will miss Piszczek from the outro :(

  • luffy luffy
    luffy luffy

    The way haaland tap lewy shoulder's make he looks like a boss and older than lewy 😂 even though lewy more "bossier" than him

  • s1mtl2mm

    What makes Haaland good? Hard Work.

  • luffy luffy
    luffy luffy

    what make you so good? Haaland: eh why not (sniff)

  • Romasanif

    I hope, Borussia Dortmund with Erling wins Bundesliga 21/22.Very nce team with good management.If EH will remain in BVB for a long time,BVB will become a grand. LET'S GO,BVB

  • luật đoàn
    luật đoàn


  • Rehan Karthik
    Rehan Karthik

    If Haaland gets sold for 200 million he needs to give a share of that money to Adminho for all the hype and publicity.

  • Soham Doshi
    Soham Doshi

    Haaland is a robot 🤖

  • Kyron Newbury
    Kyron Newbury

    He's the second fastest player this season Fifa Mobile: Pace - 3.....

    • Tesla The Hedgehog
      Tesla The Hedgehog

      Yes his pace sucks in FM, but wait for utots will be 130+ for sure

  • Hubert Tentacion
    Hubert Tentacion

    I wish somebody loved me as much as Bundesliga channel admin loves Haaland...

    • Remz


  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Tal_bro7

    Haaland is a 6'2 190 pound Norwegian robot

  • OcEleven

    Haaland is a Norse god. What do you expect?

  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar

    The goal machine Erling Haaland (Top scorer In the UEFA Champions League 10 goals)

  • survivor turnover
    survivor turnover


  • Amjad Ali
    Amjad Ali

    Who Is Better , Robert Lewandowski Or Erling Haaland ?

    • God of Reality
      God of Reality

      Logic vs Trophies, BL POTY Trophies.

    • Amjad Ali
      Amjad Ali

      I Like Robert Lewandowski

  • アルフォンソデイビス

    Speedy PawafuI Monster😊

  • Shamrokshakebro

    Haaland 🧨

  • Just Dont
    Just Dont


  • Sinan Shanavas 4
    Sinan Shanavas 4

    What makes him good? *Interviews

  • BuHmeed

    Heja BVB

  • CR7 KM7
    CR7 KM7

    He's not a human look at the way he run he is quite outstanding

  • No Body
    No Body

    Interviewer: Haaland what makes you so good? Haaland: um hard work, smiling and yeah

    • Interurbanite

      I hate your screen pic so much

    • morgz fake
      morgz fake


  • Liam Egan
    Liam Egan

    He will break lewandowski record

  • Lumpek

    Nothing :D

  • Muhammad S
    Muhammad S

    I do hope he has a haircut. He looks like my grandma now.

    • Slurpii

      You are exagerating

    • Paul Yonas
      Paul Yonas

      It looks cool

    • Jin Jun Liu
      Jin Jun Liu

      No he needs to grow it out and get that viking look rolling :)

    • King N’Golo Kanté
      King N’Golo Kanté

      Yh, I don’t like it either

    • Up and Beyond
      Up and Beyond

      he is going for the man bun, lmao

  • ManiPlays YT
    ManiPlays YT

    Haaland literally has like a specialist brain which gives him a quick analyze of the situation quite brilliant

  • Muna

    I hope Sancho remains a Bundesliga PLeyes end card for another season.

  • Nikolas Kacaribu
    Nikolas Kacaribu

    I think He just need dribbling to become perfect

    • morgz fake
      morgz fake


  • Alex Oreeawon
    Alex Oreeawon

    _eh.. Hard work?_

  • هالاند Haaland
    هالاند Haaland

    I am a fan of Haaland💛

  • Viswajith. P
    Viswajith. P

    Give me heart ❤️ And Replay 👇👇