Union Berlin Season Highlights 2020/21 - How they made it to Europe 🇪🇺
The only team Bayern München couldn't beat in 2020/21 in the Bundesliga
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Even before Union Berlin started the second Bundesliga season in their history, the Irons hit the headlines with a big transfer: The cult club brought cult player Max Kruse back to the Bundesliga. And with their new leader, the Irons had a season that will be remembered for a long while by Union fans and many others too. A rollercoaster of a season, full of highs and lows, huge emotion and an incredible finale that Hollywood would have been hard pressed to beat. Watch and enjoy all this and much more right now. What was your favourite moment? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Stefan Citlucanin
    Stefan Citlucanin

    Union Berlin deserve road to Europe🇪🇺

  • Md Miraz Ul Alam
    Md Miraz Ul Alam

    They've finished 7th in the Bundesliga ,I don't get it then how they made it to Europe?

    • Dea Yahya Ghotama
      Dea Yahya Ghotama

      7th placed club in bundesliga is going to uefa conference league next season

  • Kayhan Baltian
    Kayhan Baltian

    Friedrich,Pohjanpalo And Kruse Are Main Three Of Union Success For Me

  • ketchup and mustard 101
    ketchup and mustard 101

    Bundesliga. You guys need to speed up your euro dream team vids there's only one day till it starts

  • Jorge Saucedo
    Jorge Saucedo

    This a surprise because they didn’t loose against Bayern and they got to uefa conference league

  • Sporting Director
    Sporting Director

    The commentary at the end took Kruse's goal to the next level!

  • Juggernaut 0
    Juggernaut 0

    The club I chose 4 seasons ago, wouldnt swap them for anything else. 🟥🟨🟥🟨

  • Marshmallow CJ
    Marshmallow CJ

    You should do this kind of video for each team in the league

  • @CFCMoi11

    As a netural it's refreshing to see a different team in Europe. I find this incredible and will be root for them in Europe. Congrats Berlin 👏👏👏

  • Gávea news 1895
    Gávea news 1895


  • Jerry Jia
    Jerry Jia

    This team belongs to the unioners, the people, instead of a capital group! Love from China!

  • Fahmi Pahlawan
    Fahmi Pahlawan

    Full match pliss

  • CrazyCam 2004
    CrazyCam 2004

    Set pieces are made of iron this season! West Ham in the premier league, Union in the Bundesliga

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • grimmer jxcts
    grimmer jxcts

    Max kruse with a racing team and a striker for union what a guy

  • Zac Franz
    Zac Franz

    They are a great club with a great future

  • Jati Pangestu
    Jati Pangestu

    Amazing Season for Union Berlin. Good luck in Europan Competition in 2021/2022 Season

  • Dwiki Darma Setyana
    Dwiki Darma Setyana


  • Dr Aanal Mehta
    Dr Aanal Mehta

    Union Berlin : Leeds United of Germany. Leeds United : Union Berlin of England

    • Peter Kehoe
      Peter Kehoe

      Funny thing is as a Leeds fan, I do follow Union Berlin as far as German football is concerned.

    • beentheredonethat

      Terrible comparison

    • Jillani arib
      Jillani arib


  • Revo Red
    Revo Red

    Respect from St. Pauli fans

  • Jay Tetteh Quarshie
    Jay Tetteh Quarshie

    That Kruse should score the final and most important goal thatsends them to Europe,textbook stuff from Union Berlin

    • Bundesliga

      Now they’re Kruse-ing around Europe 😉

  • nyxe bit
    nyxe bit

    Kruse and Union is a match made in heaven. Congrats to Union and GL to them

  • Здравствуйте

    Only because of two draws against Bayern we can see a real potential of Union. Waiting for UCL/EL qualification next season!

  • Joshuwa

    This team reminds me so much of Leeds

  • Capez

    Wolfsburg was a huge surprise aswell

  • Aleksi Vääräjärvi
    Aleksi Vääräjärvi

    Come on Jolle lauantaina Pukin kanssa teette maaleja tanskaa vastaan

  • Rod Rios
    Rod Rios

    The only ones who doesn't lose against Bayern, my goodness... Deserved the European appearance for Union

    • Bundesliga

      When a team really fight for each other, they can be a challenge for any side 👏

  • Maiwand Khan hotak
    Maiwand Khan hotak


  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar

    Best of Luck to Union Berlin👍👍

  • Muhammed kassama
    Muhammed kassama

    union Berlin is one of ma favorite teams in the world.And I would to play for the club one

  • Adi Operta
    Adi Operta

    I love Union but I think they will get relegated very soon

  • Name is just a name right?
    Name is just a name right?

    discord.gg/vQbvFFXy it doesn’t have many members, but please join so it becomes bigger

  • Panagiotis Kapellos
    Panagiotis Kapellos

    Φερε στη παναθα τον Σεραλντο Μπεκερ μαλακα αλαφουζο!

  • Notizie sul calcio
    Notizie sul calcio

    Amazing qualification to the Conference league 😍😍

  • Roberto Lawes
    Roberto Lawes

    Eisern Union!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 焼き肉連合


    • Jermaine Lewis
      Jermaine Lewis


  • SoloKingSK

    From bundesliga 2 to recouped conference league

  • MasonB 10
    MasonB 10

    Idk but this team making Europe reminds me of burnley making Europe a few seasons ago

  • Nicholas Leow
    Nicholas Leow

    It's only the 2nd time Union play european football!

  • stormtrooper30

    Union Berlin, the Dark Horses of Bundesliga. Max Kruse has been the Zlatan for Union. Good luck for them at the UECL and I hope for an incredible run probably even win it.

  • Robert Lewandowski Memes
    Robert Lewandowski Memes

    My 2nd fav Bundesliga club

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi


  • Avatar N
    Avatar N

    Union have the best fans

  • СССР Аnthемs
    СССР Аnthемs

    Are they really in Europe?

    • СССР Аnthемs
      СССР Аnthемs

      @Roberto Lawes oh , nice

    • Roberto Lawes
      Roberto Lawes

      Yes. Conference League.

  • Rizki Maulana
    Rizki Maulana

    But can they play at Alten Forsterei for european games next season? Or have to use, well, Olympiastadion Berlin?

    • Ahmad Hamid
      Ahmad Hamid

      Of course they can play at Alten Försterei for European Conference league


    Now,most exciting team!!

  • Gustaf Björling
    Gustaf Björling

    A true Cinderella story!

    • 渡久地吾郎


  • Achmad Mustofa01
    Achmad Mustofa01


  • Coolman Gaming
    Coolman Gaming

    Very good season for them.

  • Cyryl Lisewicz
    Cyryl Lisewicz

    Nice appearances

  • Marillop

    hi admin!!

  • Was a lawyer .
    Was a lawyer .

    Max Kruse is such an underrated striker

    • Enes Hoxha
      Enes Hoxha

      And Werder Bremen let him for free

  • Katiuscia Fabello
    Katiuscia Fabello

    Hi Bundesliga ❤ Hi ADMINHO 🤩😍

    • Bundesliga

      Hi Katiuscia! 😃

  • Akbar Ali
    Akbar Ali

    Love from Indonesia for this team🇮🇩

  • Blue AS
    Blue AS

    I predict they will win the first ever Conference League!

  • Akhilesh A
    Akhilesh A

    Next video Adminho's season highlights how he made to the number one (oᴡɴ )Goalscorer😉

    • Cameron Dwyer
      Cameron Dwyer

      2 years on and the own goal adminho jokes still aren't funny

  • Weywot YT
    Weywot YT

    Can we appreciate union berlin like we do for leeds amazing 🤩

    • Jermaine Lewis
      Jermaine Lewis


    • MasonB 10
      MasonB 10

      @Weywot YT they both a great managers though

    • MasonB 10
      MasonB 10

      @UCYfgWziMVXpgmdJ0_-Q_pew oh yeah

    • Weywot YT
      Weywot YT

      @MasonB 10 no i meant the quality of both teams


      but this is just the 1st for Leeds they need time

  • Raghab Jyoti Kalita
    Raghab Jyoti Kalita

    What a story What a team Best of luck to them Max is a legend

    • Raghab Jyoti Kalita
      Raghab Jyoti Kalita

      Adminho you just made my day

    • Bundesliga

      And now their fans will have a season to remember across Europe 🤩

  • Mario Rui
    Mario Rui

    Eisern Union! Such an amazing club, they have the best fans in Europe, love from Italy!

    • Bundesliga

      ❤️ Fantastic Fans! We can’t wait to see them (and hear them) next season! 😀

  • Lil Diny
    Lil Diny

    Amazing 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🔥🔥

  • Elijah Edric Guinto
    Elijah Edric Guinto

    That's Union Berlin's first entry into Europe solely via league position!

    • CaKh Ng
      CaKh Ng

      +excluding Intertoto Cup since German reunification

  • E X G L E _ Renegade Raider-PSG Fan
    E X G L E _ Renegade Raider-PSG Fan

    PLeyes: 0 Views And 7 Like

  • sylesh


  • Sri Purwanti
    Sri Purwanti


    • Racka Rafsan jaya
      Racka Rafsan jaya


    • Lord Gaybian
      Lord Gaybian

      first comment pog