Top 10 Most Unexpected Goals May
May’s Top 10 most unexpected goals, powered by AWS!

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There were plenty of highlights just before the curtain came down on the 2020/21 Bundesliga season. The battle for the Champions League spots and the relegation battle offered pure excitement right up to the last second. There were great emotions, great games and unbelievable goals...goals that nobody expected and that looked almost impossible to score. Jadon Sancho’s mesmerising dribble and strike for Borussia Dortmund against RB Leipzig, and Joshua Kimmich’s long-range rocket for Bayern against Augsburg are just two stand-out examples of the brilliance the Bundesliga’s best conjured up in the final month of the campaign.

Sit back and enjoy the most un-xG goals in May! Which one surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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  • A c e
    A c e

    Lets spit the facts that most of the goals were from Dortmund and Wolfsburg. Huge respect towards them and the rest aswell for the effort. Lets hope to see top 100 next season instead of top 10 eh Adminho?

  • Pallanti Akb
    Pallanti Akb

    "Expect the unexpected" - Some Random Guy

  • PoonoPenandes

    Bundesliga content is quite good actually.

  • Lucas シ
    Lucas シ

    This admin is a champ

  • SanguinaryBlues

    Can't help a weird feeling that half the goals are scored by Dortmund...

  • PaPa Garden
    PaPa Garden

    The number 9 is double.

  • huai boih
    huai boih

    Marco Reus😘

  • Noushad Mohammed
    Noushad Mohammed

    Does anyone cares about Farmers?

  • Raunaq Bose
    Raunaq Bose

    If a goalkeeper commits a howler does it make the cut?

  • AK47 Driller
    AK47 Driller

    Great goals. 🔥

  • King Kai🤴
    King Kai🤴

    Best admin in the world, adminho

  • Hamster 999
    Hamster 999

    Kimiches surprised me

  • Macio 14
    Macio 14

    What's the music from the beggining of the film? 0:00-0:34

  • Wildhog

    I can't help but call Lewandowski's goal in the last game of the season, last minute of the game, last play of the last minute, last goal to beat the legendary record - THE most expected and the most unexpected one at the same time. For over 90 minutes it seemed Gikiewicz would stop him and I admit I lost my hope. What a crazy goal that was.

  • Samer

    I like Joshua Kimmich goal ❤️ It's a rocket goal!!!!

  • Kuba 19
    Kuba 19


  • Javik Perets
    Javik Perets

    Kimmich water goal🤩

  • Anna Daly
    Anna Daly

    has anyone noticed there is no number 10

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend Rayquaza

    2 number 9s

  • Frankie9_9

    Honorable mention Levy’s 41st goal?

  • Trippyplayz 451
    Trippyplayz 451

    Amazing 🔥

  • Manchester is Red
    Manchester is Red

    1:51 Reus pushing Guerreiro away 😂

    • Akshay Meena
      Akshay Meena

      I Watched It Thrice. 😄😄

  • Omar Mustapha
    Omar Mustapha

    Can someone explain to me why sancho’s goal at i think 7th place only had a 3% chance of scoring? it looked like a pretty pedestrian goal to me

  • Michael Kebede
    Michael Kebede


  • Mihail

    I May look dumb but Who is Adminho? The admin of this channel? I see everyone talking about this person and I'm clueless

  • C-62

    Adminho pls reply 😭

  • tiger d
    tiger d

    1:00 You gotta love how the Gladbach players are all like "Life sucks." after that went in.

  • wallpaper 2a
    wallpaper 2a

    The Kimmich shot turned into a surprising goal.

  • Eldo Abraham
    Eldo Abraham

    Incase if the admin haven't noticed, the counting went wrong. It showed "9" for the "10"th goal.

    • Çağatay Kaya
      Çağatay Kaya

      Two goals have same probability (4.4%), so they are in equal position

  • It's me Leo
    It's me Leo

    Haaland forever ❤️❤️❤️

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Was a lawyer .
    Was a lawyer .

    Those are higher than the probability of Adminho's face reveal

  • Monkey Terms
    Monkey Terms

    this is better than schooool

  • John Whittaker
    John Whittaker

    These goals are all stunning, but let’s be honest AWS do seem to just make stuff up half the time

  • Vishwajitha Sarathy
    Vishwajitha Sarathy

    10 amazing own goals by adminho

  • Taher Mahdy
    Taher Mahdy


  • MADMax

    One of the best channels

  • Mhmad Saad
    Mhmad Saad

    Did you see when rues pushed gueriro

  • Mccoy

    Reus loyal human!!!

  • Andrej Bosančić
    Andrej Bosančić


  • Gaser Hosni
    Gaser Hosni

    who is adminho that everyone is talking about

  • Gairik Das
    Gairik Das

    No. 1 and No. 2 Kimmich and Coman❤️❤️ Mia San Mia ❤️

  • Racka Rafsan jaya
    Racka Rafsan jaya

    Where is jonathan shmidt against borusia dortmund?? The goals on tight angle was so underrated !!!

  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar

    Where is adminho?🤔🤔

  • branchyapple

    Some dope video editing! Other channel's can learn from this. Awesome work!

  • ThePowerof Sand
    ThePowerof Sand

    Dortmund: Don't tell me the odds

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Awesome creativity

  • Hanne Rasmussen
    Hanne Rasmussen

    Coman and kimmich

  • Dexter The Pug
    Dexter The Pug


  • Sam Hampong
    Sam Hampong

    The title 'unexpected' in the video makes expected when a player is in an unlikely position to score

  • Joe the Pro
    Joe the Pro

    Where's Ajdin Hrustic's goal against Mainz?? I would expect that one to be extremely lucky/low probability!!


    Adminho didn't even expect he will be ruling Bundesliga yt

  • Бейбарыс Нашарбек
    Бейбарыс Нашарбек

    I love Bundesliga😍😍🇩🇪🤝🇰🇿

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed

    This might be the only vid with 0 dislikes

  • Sengheng Ng
    Sengheng Ng

    All incredibly incredible

  • 23 1
    23 1

    1:50 Crucial tackle from Reus....

    • Bundesliga

      Gotta get Guerreiro out of the way 😅

  • inderjit chahal
    inderjit chahal

    Our final goal of the Bundesliga was unexpected: I will miss you Bremen 🥺

    • Aparna Bhandary
      Aparna Bhandary

      I hope they come back next season along with Holstein Kiel

  • Eren Temiz Y7
    Eren Temiz Y7

    I am a pure bundesliga fan. Love from Istanbul

    • Eren Temiz Y7
      Eren Temiz Y7

      @Bundesliga i really love the bundesliga it is better than the premier league

    • Bundesliga

      Thanks Eren! ❤️ Are you excited for the Euros? 🇹🇷 🤩

  • SoloKingSK

    This is much funnier and better than my school lesson Edit : School lesson are much boring

  • Anirudh Subramanian
    Anirudh Subramanian

    Even a century later, there will be no channel like the Bundesliga run by the one and only Adminho!

    • Bundesliga

      😅 We're unique! 😬

  • Afiquacks

    I like the AWS machine!

    • Bundesliga


  • dylan_2356

    I like the unexpected goal vids good work Bundesliga

    • dylan_2356

      @Bundesliga Excited for next season 👀

    • Bundesliga

      Great goals... interesting stats, what's not to like? 😁

  • Kristopher Schmid
    Kristopher Schmid

    LewandGOALskis goal was number 0 then :) 0 > 1

    • Kristopher Schmid
      Kristopher Schmid

      Seriously, that goal to even Gerd Mullers record was phenomenal

  • amandeep singh
    amandeep singh

    Adminho's own goal ❤️

  • Akhilesh A
    Akhilesh A


    • Bundesliga

      @Akhilesh A 😄 Exactly

    • Akhilesh A
      Akhilesh A

      @Bundesliga Adminho - On the pitch - Terrible 😖👎 Off the pitch - Terrific 😍👍

    • Bundesliga

      👨‍🔬 We've done the tests... and it turns out Adminho is terrible

  • Axmed De jija
    Axmed De jija

    Joa unexpected goal

    • Bundesliga

      WHAT a strike! 😳

  • True Story
    True Story

    Bundesliga magic ❤️

  • DENTOn X3
    DENTOn X3

    This seems more important then my online class

    • Dhiraj Deka
      Dhiraj Deka

      Bro , are you from India?

    • PKING #Glazersout
      PKING #Glazersout

      Adminho the GOAT for reading the comments

    • DENTOn X3
      DENTOn X3

      @Bundesliga ya 😂

    • Bundesliga

      You're learning all about probability here 🤓 🧮

  • rarry182

    Ignore that it said 9 twice yea yea

    • rarry182

      @Bundesliga ah ok 👌🏻 👍

    • Bundesliga

      Joint 9th.. exactly the same probability

  • suja Abraham
    suja Abraham

    Bundesliga players are very unpredictable. When it comes to shooting.

    • Mebanshan Rynjah
      Mebanshan Rynjah

      Not Robben

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Even Adminho doesnot expect his goals! A class act!

    • Bundesliga

      I'm always surprised 😟

  • Kristopher Schmid
    Kristopher Schmid

    Certain videos such as this one shouldn't have a Dislike button!

  • Ramy

  • Jurgen Klopp
    Jurgen Klopp

    when ur so early adminho hasnt scored a triple hatrick

    • Why Not
      Why Not

      Adminho is to much of a baller

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    Hemanth Hemanya

    The only bad thing about bundesliga is that it is not telecasted in india😥😥

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    mobile 21

    Hi there👿❤

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    Manchester city HD


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    Erling Haaland

    when is my next goal compilation comming??👀

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      Erling Haaland

      @Bundesliga Thankyou 💛🖤🧘🏻‍♂️

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      Proabably in a few minutes 😜

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    PES Mobile Gaming

    First to comment like and view😂😂

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      Tiger Plays!

      Not to comment ;-;

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    PONJA - TV


    • Nazri Buang
      Nazri Buang

      Expect The Unexpected

  • Tiger Plays!
    Tiger Plays!

    Admindinhos are crazy.

    • Tiger Plays!
      Tiger Plays!

      @Shadow He said himself that there are many GOATed Admindinhos working to produce videos.

    • Shadow

      Admindinihos the *GOAT*