The Most Unexpected Goals of the Season - 2020/21
The most unexpected goals - powered by AWS
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The 2020/21 season was packed with records, spectacular moments and incredible wonder goals. We've picked out the 12 goals that weren't just particularly impressive, but also the most unexpected according to the stats. In there you'll find Bayern stars like David Alaba and Leroy Sané, but also the likes of Bayer Leverkusen's Leon Bailey. Which goal did you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Gd ta
    Gd ta

    There are so many goals per match

  • Paul Sunday
    Paul Sunday

    sabitzer's goal impresed me the most, great goal. however, i think the title of the video should be "unlikely" goals than unexpected. Alaba for example was clearly adjusting to line one up for example...

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Brandt 💛🖤 hopefully he stays, he doesn’t deserve the hate

  • Minej Mosuris
    Minej Mosuris

    Well then-.... That was certanly unexpected😂😉

  • Resul Smyl HD
    Resul Smyl HD

    Brandt goal won't be on my mind🤙🔥

  • taimoor ashraf
    taimoor ashraf

    Coman goal was a why here

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown


  • Matthew Ippolito
    Matthew Ippolito

    The most expected goal: Waman’s goal from 2 feet out

  • tranvietx

    Nothing special with those goals. For instance, curve goals in the video clip .

  • Blero The Fire Hero
    Blero The Fire Hero

    What was Cristiano Ronaldo goal probability against porto?

  • Bert 07
    Bert 07

    Lewandowski goal?

  • Antal Wozniak
    Antal Wozniak

    Amazing goals! But the video would be so much better without the distracting music.

  • TheYouInar

    AWS really think the goal probability on Sabitzer is 1.9%? That’s too much

  • War Here
    War Here

    Most beautifull goal was Sabi's. Adminho am I right?

  • Wiktor Popiel
    Wiktor Popiel

    Sabitzer and Boëtius goals are best of them all!

  • amir khateri
    amir khateri

    Adminiho we need a video about WAMANNNNNNN

  • Sporting Director
    Sporting Director

    Improbable but not impossible

  • Szczepan Marzec
    Szczepan Marzec

    Excellent goal Sabitzer

  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar

    Where's adminho's goal?

  • Jai Bennett
    Jai Bennett

    Bailey’s goal was just something else.

    • Jai Bennett
      Jai Bennett

      The legend has liked and commented.

    • Bundesliga

      He does it every season now… 🤩

  • João Pinto
    João Pinto

    How were the probabilities calculated? I got quite curious about it.

  • Sam Moojg
    Sam Moojg

    Filiip kostic the best goal

    • Bundesliga

      He lined it up and then... 🚀

  • Rhys Armstrong
    Rhys Armstrong

    power and dip on the sabitzer shot was filthy

    • Bundesliga

      Looked SO good 🤩

  • 45 Varun Valia
    45 Varun Valia

    I want the calculations presented as well! :P

  • Khalid

    0:28 goalkeeper 🤡

  • Lhawal Homotayo
    Lhawal Homotayo

    Seeing this type of Goals in BUNDESLIGA is exceptional.. Thats why it is the home of interesting football ❤️

  • Johannes Meran
    Johannes Meran

    #Sabitzer for sure

  • Biscuit

    Adminho can possibly bang in an own goal stunner from any angle

    • Bundesliga

      I wouldn't even freeze at 0 degrees 😜 ❄️

  • 天竺鼠

    Great goals were scored in games against Hertha Berlin.

  • Bryson Frank
    Bryson Frank

    Aaahhhh yes, number ball. I love number ball.

  • Lukas Müürsepp
    Lukas Müürsepp

    The one pwrso who disliked the video: 🤡

  • SHEVA _
    SHEVA _

    Do misses of the season and strange goals next adminho 😀


    Leon Baily🔥💯

  • Savvy_Griezmann

    Is goal probability based only by the position of the shot and players on the pitch, or player "characteristics" also is counting here?

  • Kuskk.

    Lazaro's goal was quite expectable yeah?

    • Bundesliga

      La-zero percent 😬 🅾️

    • B.Shreyas Nair
      B.Shreyas Nair

      It's too unexpected that we can't predict its probability 😂

  • Alex18

    These goals are amazing

    • Bundesliga

      All exceptional... and we love it! 🤩

  • Hjong Thaiadler
    Hjong Thaiadler

    Filip Kostic goal is the best shot💨⚽️

  • John M. Keynes
    John M. Keynes

    Probability calculation level: trust me bro

  • Vaishnav Venugopal
    Vaishnav Venugopal

    Coman's goal was a deflection right 😂

    • Alessandro De Luca
      Alessandro De Luca


  • Shayan Kumar Paul
    Shayan Kumar Paul

    Sabitzer goal was the best 🤘

    • Martial Jordan
      Martial Jordan

      Sabitizer underrated how he score such brilliant goals each season?? Let's not forget that brilliant cl goal from sabitizer which in my opinion was deserving to win goal of the tournament

    • Bundesliga

      It’s Sabit special 😉

  • Lupus TheKIng
    Lupus TheKIng

    Peiple are jealous of adminho Coz of his great *own* goals

  • Robert Lewandowski Memes
    Robert Lewandowski Memes

    The goals means e = mc divide by the square root of 6 then take the GO and its equals 6.78% I ain't even that good at GCSES

  • Henry Rincavage
    Henry Rincavage

    Would love to see a compilation of the most likely to be goals that got saved! If possible.

    • Thats Pretty Good
      Thats Pretty Good

      @Henry Rincavage Sorry my bad I got it completely wrong

    • Henry Rincavage
      Henry Rincavage

      @Thats Pretty Good no it would kind of be similar to best saves I guess. But it would be based directly on the expected goal percentage, and then that it got saved.

    • Thats Pretty Good
      Thats Pretty Good

      Isnt that goalkeeper mistakes with extra steps?

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Rickroll Lord
    Rickroll Lord

    Adminho own goal probability: 100%

    • just jam
      just jam

      Offside timo wvener be like Finally a worthy opponent

    • Bundesliga

      That's the Adminho Guarantee 😉👌 💯

  • Vipper Kong
    Vipper Kong

    Bailey's goal. What a curler!

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W

    Admin the 🐐, whose winning the euros?

    • Nikolas Kacaribu
      Nikolas Kacaribu

      @Bundesliga waiting 😀

    • B.Shreyas Nair
      B.Shreyas Nair

      @Bundesliga 🤣🤣

    • amir khateri
      amir khateri

      @Bundesliga lol

    • Bundesliga

      I'll be back in 33 days with the answer 😬

    • Khalid



    Every goal is better than adminho goal

  • Xirpzy

    Yesterday was pretty unexpected. Not bundesliga though

  • Arthur LM
    Arthur LM

    So many of them are against Hertha Berlin

  • Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW
    Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW

    Kimmich laxaro. And lewy amiru

  • Was a lawyer .
    Was a lawyer .

    Bundesliga means art in my dictionary

    • Jermaine Lewis
      Jermaine Lewis❤

    • Vivaan Singh
      Vivaan Singh

      @Shivaan Sehgal LMAO😂😂🤣

    • Shivaan Sehgal
      Shivaan Sehgal

      @sreyas daniel sreyas means NONCE in my dictionary

    • Was a lawyer .
      Was a lawyer .

      @sreyas daniel your dictionary is polluted

    • sreyas daniel
      sreyas daniel

      Means farmer in my dictionary

  • Whisk

    The number ranking the goals are missing.

  • LR Madrid_7
    LR Madrid_7

    ~ The goal you came for 2:45

    • Vivaan Singh
      Vivaan Singh

      @Ibnu Al-Wahyi We can score with any player who has great curl

    • LR Madrid_7
      LR Madrid_7

      @Ibnu Al-Wahyi Certainly 👌😅

    • Ibnu Al-Wahyi
      Ibnu Al-Wahyi

      Messi in efootball pes 2021 easy to do it 😅

  • Ruchika Vijh
    Ruchika Vijh

    Nothing is better than adminho's own golazos

  • K Arshad
    K Arshad

    Can we call anyone who watches the video without liking a criminal?

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi


  • Blue Gang
    Blue Gang

    Any goal from sane at this point makes it onto this list

  • Sports Center_HDK
    Sports Center_HDK

    3:06 🔥

  • Flawed Nerd
    Flawed Nerd

    every goal is just beautiful

  • Gopi Krishnan
    Gopi Krishnan

    All of them were fantastic and unexpected But the most unexpected moment was this upload by adminho

  • Priyam Banerjee
    Priyam Banerjee

    Adminho's curl is the best

  • Lei TN
    Lei TN


  • `farhaπ |rfano`
    `farhaπ |rfano`

    Alaba is 🐐 Left Back and best and Best League in World

    • Jermaine Lewis
      Jermaine Lewis🥰

    • Itamar von Boxberg
      Itamar von Boxberg

      not david alaba JORDI ALABA

    • mudno_ jr √
      mudno_ jr √


    • Was a lawyer .
      Was a lawyer .

      @mudno_ jr √ still young and didnt do well this season but in 2020 UCL performance he was a beast

    • PES 4 LIFE
      PES 4 LIFE

      @mudno_ jr √ he didn’t perform much good this year. He is in the top 10 overrated players of 2021 list. And Davies is too young to called ‘best left back'. Alaba is definitely better



  • CEO de Boca
    CEO de Boca


  • A.R. 2
    A.R. 2


  • TYMO


  • Ali Gamil
    Ali Gamil


  • ali ali
    ali ali


  • Dražen Pavešić
    Dražen Pavešić