Robert Lewandowski vs. Gerd Müller - Record Scoring Seasons in the Bundesliga - Powered by FDOR
41 goals vs. 40 goals - but when were they scored and how? Find out!
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He has achieved the impossible! Robert Lewandowski has scored his 41 goals in the 2020/21 season and thus beats Gerd Müller's all-time scoring record in the Bundesliga from 1971/72. On the last matchday, the Bayern superstar scored with the last kick of the game against Augsburg in the 90th minute to make the record his own for the most Bundesliga goals in a season. The whole world of football takes a deep bow before Lewandowski. Simply legendary! In this infographics video powered by FDOR, you can see the record seasons of Robert Lewandowski and Gerd Müller in comparison. Which goal did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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  • ATRIXstudio

    Lewy to jest kurwa zwierz

  • Professor Existential
    Professor Existential

    Lewandowski scored 8 penalties to get his "record". Müller scored 3. Müller goals earned = 37 (in 32 matches) Lewandowski goals earned = 33 (in 29 matches) Müller even scored more goals per game.... DEAL WTH IT !

    • Blackjack

      You can just exclude penalties from Goals per game . Just manipulating data to fit a narrative how pathetic.

  • Vegeta

    We can see how football lvl go Higher in 40 Years

  • Michał Giedrojć
    Michał Giedrojć

    I dont like it. I liked fivetrick a lot more :P

  • Kowaldwr

    Germans chose Haaland as best player this year, so this proves the montrous amount of butthurt they have, that Lewy broke the record. I love it 🤣

  • Torondirn


  • T T
    T T

    Can’t compare. Less skilled players and tactics in Muller’s era. Wonder if he would have all 40 with VAR in place. Lewy really made something special.

  • PelsonTube

    Karne karnymi ale kilka meczy stopował bo podejrzewam mogło by być 45 jak nie lepiej i kolejny rekord gdyby zagrał z RB Lipsk byłby jedynym piłkarzem który w sezonie strzelił golą każdej drużynie

    • Pagan Kult!
      Pagan Kult!

      Chwilaaa to czekaj... Karne same się strzelają czy jak?

  • Mikeontube

    Roberts consistency is just on another level

  • damian bla
    damian bla

    Here is the same topic but all goals by Lewandowski and by Gerd Müller are shown in full highlights. "ALL 40 Bundesliga goals from Robert Lewandowski and Gerd Müller! ⚽ | RECORD" FC Bayern München

  • Yamnaya Seed
    Yamnaya Seed

    They should have a dinner together

  • Danny Bhoy44
    Danny Bhoy44

    Bundesliga can we update all Lewandowski goals in Champions League please?! Thats another thing to be just before Messi and Ronaldo...on highest level tournament...

  • Danny Bhoy44
    Danny Bhoy44

    Great post "Bundesliga" two Legendary players, and one still in work...

  • Orm Bywaly
    Orm Bywaly

    RoBEST LEGENDdowski

  • 1989Brolly1989

    Lewandowski is clearly more talented than Gerd ever was also competition right now is by far tougher !

  • KC

    Lewandoski deserves ballond’or but cuz they love cr7 and messi idk bout that one

  • vinkaks

    He has less awards than he deserves

  • Jack Belcher
    Jack Belcher

    If he doesn't win balon dor it would be ridiculous

  • S1B3R

    he broke a record lasting 40 years and yet he wasn't even given "best in bundesliga" title...

  • Arambha Sapkota
    Arambha Sapkota

    🙂 wow lewanGOALSKI

  • Burton Yoe
    Burton Yoe

    Imagine Haaland doing it years later and scoring 42(+) goals in one season

    • OcEleven

      @anuze fam he is staying in Dortmund for the next season.

    • anuze

      @Jack Belcher yeah, 30 in madrids tshirt

    • Jack Belcher
      Jack Belcher

      @anuze yeah I would say if healthy he will get 45. Haaland maybe 30 at most

    • anuze

      Bruh Lewandowski is going to beat this record again next season

  • SA NY
    SA NY

    Fan FC Bayern wow Cambodia 🇰🇭 Cambodia 🇰🇭 Fan Bayern


    Muller hit 6 hat ricks or more

  • Anjungkreatif2013

    It means german has lost its touch having a great scorer. No German will able to beat this record.

  • SpamAnty

    41 goals in 29 matches its amazing

    • Professor Existential
      Professor Existential

      8 penalties

  • Nammuiteu Pame
    Nammuiteu Pame

    I Loved my Robert Lewandowski Germany FC Bayern Munchen striker 9 Forward Bundesliga Europe sport 2022 good Manner result 41 Goal good record History created Forever Conquered perfectfully in the worlds and 9 minutes 5 Goals scoreds World's biggest good record History created Forever and Top 1 Footballer Best player King Humbled Man RL9 good record History created Forever Conquered perfectfully in the worlds Praises the Lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Haleluiyah Amen Amen Amen

    • Nammuiteu Pame
      Nammuiteu Pame

      @Orm Bywaly Yes you are right he is RoBest LeGendowski Top 1 Footballer Best player King Humbled Man RL9 good record History created Forever Conquered perfectfully in the worlds Praises the Lord

    • Orm Bywaly
      Orm Bywaly

      RoBEST LEGENDdowski

  • FUGA

    ROBERT LEWANG41LSKI! Robert is the best player in the world!

  • Minej Mosuris
    Minej Mosuris

    Incredible... Just-... Incredible

  • czaruchna

    where's the lewy's 5-week injury put on the timelapse? quitting 5 matches in a row makes the record even more unique

  • Michał Kowalski
    Michał Kowalski

    10 years ago he was called Lewandoofski. Now he is called Lewangoalski/Legendowski

  • Adrinopaulindromeus

    At one point Gerd had 3 hattricks back to back.

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Kaustav Roy
    Kaustav Roy

    Is there any website where I can get the full data of Gerd Mullers season? want to make an analytical comparison between both the players.

  • Armando António
    Armando António

    Robert Lewandowski is a legend, he has proven that several times.

  • M hossain
    M hossain


  • Martial Jordan
    Martial Jordan

    Lewandowski bayern Munich's greatest legend even

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Terrible and excellent

  • Maiden Dream
    Maiden Dream

    Gerd Muller's 25,26, 27th matches were Hat-tricks 😍😍😍

  • TheKoKsOnePL

    And Lewandowski still lost the Bundesliga Player of the Season award to some overhyped kid.

    • mienzillaz

      @Cata Lin check Bayernu stats when Lewa was injured, his impact is far greater.. so yeah it was hate voting from all but-hurts Lewa scored against..

    • Cata Lin
      Cata Lin

      Overhyped kid ? Haaland is good. I think Lewa is amaIng but also has the advantage of a machine team. HAALAND DOES NOT.

    • sbeven

      @Kboid tehy are mad cause he is Polish. racists

    • Kboid

      well, many Germans are mad at him for taking a record from a German.

  • Fortunate Msimango
    Fortunate Msimango


  • Ble

    Jest Świetny

  • Grzegorz X
    Grzegorz X

    Lewandowski > Müller

  • Troll Sword
    Troll Sword

    Both are absolute machines 💪💪💪

  • saroj magar
    saroj magar

    Robert Lewangoalski 🇵🇱 the legend 😎😎✌

  • lucky luke
    lucky luke

    lewa no 1

  • Mick USA
    Mick USA

    Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world he is Daemon,better than Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi,Mbappe,Naymar,Ibrahimowih=Getting Szampagne Gert Muller record already beten.=🇵🇱🤣🇵🇱🤣🇵🇱🤣🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱🖼🇵🇱♥️🤣🇵🇱🤣♥️

    • Cancel Patrick
      Cancel Patrick

      you might want to reconsider that statement. Messi provided 101 goals for Barcelona in a single season. lol

  • Walid Waloda
    Walid Waloda

    This record will be hard to break at least in the next 50 years .

    • Orm Bywaly
      Orm Bywaly

      Robert will break this record in a year without any pressure (49)

  • Anthrax

    They play style looks similar

  • Seyad Rawther
    Seyad Rawther

    2 legends in 2 era

  • Paulo Ferreira
    Paulo Ferreira

    Machine goal.

  • kp 09
    kp 09

    Mógłby zagrać w Premier League albo La Liga... i nie piszę tego tylko dlatego, że kibicuję BVB XD

    • Pagan Kult!
      Pagan Kult!

      @Konradinho94 Ty tam kurwa wiesz. Chuja się znasz. akurat Lewandowski w takiej premier league to lepiej by się sprawdził niż np messi.

    • Jeden z nich
      Jeden z nich

      Ja go widze w Manchester city wlasnie ... stukal by bramy az milo 👈

    • Lil Lexus
      Lil Lexus

      I by go obwiniali, jak w Bayern jest bogiem

    • Konradinho94

      W premier league to by pewnie ledwo 20 bramek nastukał

  • Karolina Martic
    Karolina Martic

    Great player! Go Lewy

  • Hatim Ali Jukkerwala
    Hatim Ali Jukkerwala

    This year the Ballon d'or should be deservedly given to Lewandowski. What a season from the man🤩🤩🤩

    • gitara siema
      gitara siema

      @the divergent bruh start watching premier league it’s really good

    • Hatim Ali Jukkerwala
      Hatim Ali Jukkerwala

      @the divergent Kante too had a brilliant season as well but I'm just saying bcoz Lewa deserved it last year as well.

    • the divergent
      the divergent

      Yes and Kanté plays golf

    • Jack Belcher
      Jack Belcher

      Fifarce won't do it but yes he deserves it 100 percent

    • Wojciech O.
      Wojciech O.

      he didn't even win the vote in Germany, where Haaland was elected the best player of the Year...

  • Piotr Michałowski
    Piotr Michałowski

    Next year 50 goals

  • Piotr Michałowski
    Piotr Michałowski

    Lewandowski could get easy 50 goals if he didn't get injured

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      51 or 41 non penalty goals

    • bruterasta

      Maybe not fifty, but mid forty for sure.

  • BIALY7212

    And The best Player of 20/21 in Bundesliga is Erling Haaland. What a joke,what a joke xDxDxD

    • D. Nutsrtoasty
      D. Nutsrtoasty

      @Russow 10 there were german sportscasters calling for Lewandowski to be benched because they knew he was going to beat mullers record.

    • Thor Octavio
      Thor Octavio

      Yes of course haaland is so bad he was lucky he scored one or two goals this season, he doesn't even know what sport he's playing haaland is soooooo bad 🤮🤣

    • Old Lone Wolf
      Old Lone Wolf

      @Russow 10 it is nice of You to believe in this but reality is sad and dark and we will learn this sooner or later

    • Raf1

      yes! Im from Poland and I'm very dessapointed!

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      @Reksio Hundson Everything is not racism mate. It is fan voted and guess what Haaland have more fans than lewa or silva and Haaland's PR is so huge. Lewa enjoys very low pr and silva didn't even have any pr

  • 56Tyskie

    1.41 Goals per game. Very nice

    • Cancel Patrick
      Cancel Patrick

      @lol lol Messi wasn't a striker and he played in the best league. Messi provided 101 goals for Barcelona that season (73 goals+28 assist) and half of those goals were solo goals and slalom assists. Something Lewandowski can only dream of.

    • Kboid

      @Big Chungus Is My God oh, you totally right, but Messi had 1.44 in 2012. I only messed up the numbers. Messi had better ratio than Robert once.

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      @Kboid 1.41 is better that 1.39

    • Kboid

      @lol lol no, Messi had like 1,39 in his best season, but Ronaldo was never better.

    • lol lol
      lol lol

      better than messi in his best season

  • The Great Pandu
    The Great Pandu

    Imagine that Lewandowski didn't get injury

    • Furashu

      @Russow 10 I like analists like this. BTW it's Lewy, not Lewa.

    • mienzillaz

      @Russow 10 kudos for the stats work

    • Tax Dodger
      Tax Dodger

      75 at least



    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      @Reksio Hundson Another season is messi 2012-13. Similar to lewa injuries stopped messi too. Messi played 2624 minutes and scored 42 npg goals which is demon-esque. If messi played every minutes then he would have scored 55 npg goals which is unfathomable. 62.47 minutes per 1 npg. Lewandowski's is 74.63 minutes per 1 npg goal.

  • N0stalgic Retro
    N0stalgic Retro

    Ah right, the injury!

  • Alexini 007
    Alexini 007

    CMON Haaland next season 42

  • Tomasz Czaplicki
    Tomasz Czaplicki


  • DonutL

    Lewy didnt even win As the Best player this season shameless

  • Wojciech O.
    Wojciech O.

    it is a pity that there was no indication of the number of minutes spent on the pitch for comparison :) you can't see the matches that were missed by injuries.

  • 벨트마이스터

    how many more goals Lewandowski would have scored if it wasn't for his injury to the national team.

    • 56Tyskie

      @Russow 10 that still works out to be 41 goals in 34 games lol

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      @56Tyskie remove penalty goals for more precise. Lewa had 33 npg this season

    • 56Tyskie

      @Russow 10 how many minutes did Lewandowski spend on the pitch this season? According to transfermarket Lewandowski played 2,463 minutes this season. That translates to a goal ever 60 minutes. Being conservative 90 minutes per game, over 34 games that's 3,060 minutes in a season. 3,060 divided by 60 minutes equals to 51 goals in 34 games. If Bundesliga played 38 games the amount would be 57 goals lol

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      @56Tyskie Use minutes per goal. More precise

    • 56Tyskie

      @rapidt real definitely fun to play the what if game, I'm happy for Robert. A classy player who is silencing many critics. He's doing a great job inspiring future players in his homeland as well, making kids believe they can achieve their dreams as long as they work their hardest

  • Christiano Pulinaldo
    Christiano Pulinaldo

    99% of lewandowski's goals are from inside the box 😹 Muller >

    • Aramo Dirmesropian
      Aramo Dirmesropian

      @Christiano Pulinaldo Bro he has scored great goals from outside and inside the box and every striker scores inside the box what’s your point???

    • Aramo Dirmesropian
      Aramo Dirmesropian

      Every striker scores inside the goal so what’s your point he is supposed to miss and do you realise some of those goals were great goals like his volley vs Monchenglabach and if Werner is better why doesn’t he take his chance.

    • OcEleven

      @Christiano Pulinaldo fam, by that logic Mbappe and Haaland are at the same level as Steven Bergwijn. A goal is a goal.

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      @Christiano Pulinaldo if Timo Werner doesn't have any chances then how can he miss them?

    • Krzysztof A.
      Krzysztof A.

      @Christiano Pulinaldo haters gonna hate

  • A

    I consider gerd record better bcoz the bundesliga defenses were. Just really good at the time And u could see how harsh the tackles were on gerd and the quality of the way he scored

    • the divergent
      the divergent

      Müller wasn't taking the penalties either

  • Eric Osagie
    Eric Osagie

    Both of them played in the farmers league 👨‍🌾🚜

    • OcEleven

      @Eric Osagie Did you know that Augsburg topped the table at one point?

    • OcEleven

      @I don't know who know You know I Know by that logic the Bundesliga is less competitive than the Kosovan league (no disrespect to Kosovo). Look at how well German teams perform against other teams.

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      @I don't know who know You know I Know ik same with Scottish Premier League and Serie A. I can't find anyone hating on these leagues

    • Rune LB
      Rune LB

      @Eric Osagie that Bundesliga isn’t either

    • I don't know who know You know I Know
      I don't know who know You know I Know

      @Big Chungus Is My God Btw Bundesliga dominated 9 years already

  • Hidedge

    if he wasnt injured


    Lewandowski is the real g.o.a.t

  • Parth

    You will barely find a matchday where none of them scored

    • Michael O Connell
      Michael O Connell

      @szara eminencja don’t forget 28/29

    • szara eminencja
      szara eminencja


  • ELPOK19

    What legends these are, what legends...

    • Patryk Iwasiuk
      Patryk Iwasiuk

      @Eric Osagie lol dont even talk when ur 4th in ur league XDDDD liverpool are shocking this season

    • Rune LB
      Rune LB


    • My dream is to be football player
      My dream is to be football player

      @Eric Osagie Whatever 4th or 3ird you sufred

    • Eric Osagie
      Eric Osagie

      @My dream is to be football player we got third

    • Hello

      @Eric Osagie Plastic fan, surprised you didn’t pick Man City farming your league

  • Ajo Yantoe
    Ajo Yantoe

    Haaland pnerus ny 👍

  • 15KOA

    Gerd Muller: 40 goals in 34 matches Lewandowski: 41 goals in 29 matches

    • Adam Małysz Official Cover Band
      Adam Małysz Official Cover Band

      @BIALY7212 in fan vote. Lewandowski got announced today as an official winner of Bundesliga Player of the Season Award

    • Piotr Majewski
      Piotr Majewski

      ​@BIALY7212 This is not a joke, this is Germany.

    • Danny Bhoy44
      Danny Bhoy44

      Sounds...they should make a Lewy monument in front of stadium....Gerd and Robert Legendary Players

    • Toxic Sivan
      Toxic Sivan

      @BIALY7212 im a dortmund fan but erling is bit overrated lewa deserves best striker in the world

    • Manuel Reina
      Manuel Reina

      Lewa the king wow !!! Amazing player !

  • Imnotsharingmyrealnameonthiswebsite

    Only wish I could have witnessed Der Bomber live

  • Законопослушный водитель
    Законопослушный водитель

    Robert the legend

  • Kimmich The Warrior
    Kimmich The Warrior

    Better than Penaldo

  • Amit Shukla
    Amit Shukla

    Lewa and Muller both are Goatinho just like our beloved Adminho 🌚

    • Amit Shukla
      Amit Shukla

      @Eric Osagie okay darling as you say. Now get lost

    • Amit Shukla
      Amit Shukla

      @Sanbal_x let this chick reply everywhere

    • Sanbal_x

      @Eric Osagie bro actually get a life, commenting under EACH COMMENT, this is absolutely pathetic

    • Eric Osagie
      Eric Osagie

      @Sanbal_x I'm not even a Manchester united fan

    • Sanbal_x

      @Eric Osagie nice time spending replying to each comment that praises them with this, get a life Penandes Fan

  • ELPOK19

    Last time I was this early Gerd Muller still held the record and Adminho hasn't yet scored an own goal...

    • Pogger Island
      Pogger Island

      @Eric Osagie 🤡

    • PrzeMo

      @Eric Osagie 🤡

    • Rune LB
      Rune LB

      @Eric Osagie you are a circus

    • Mebanshan Rynjah
      Mebanshan Rynjah

      @Eric Osagie 🤡

    • Az

      @Eric Osagie 🤡 sleep well bro👍 enjoy your lucky third place finish😁

  • sub if u hate jake paul ✔
    sub if u hate jake paul ✔

    Maradona better than messi

  • JASIEK-_-


  • Raul Xz
    Raul Xz

    Adminho....Lewy or Gerd👀

  • Lasha Eliashvili
    Lasha Eliashvili

    Lewandowski Deserves 2 ballon dors

    • the divergent
      the divergent

      Kanté deserves the Ballon d'Or this year

    • OcEleven

      @Valentin Funes Lewandowski deserves it more than Messi.

    • Brawlhalla Sweat
      Brawlhalla Sweat

      @Russow 10 yes messi

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      @Russow 10 yes Messi

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      @I don't know who know You know I Know Not messi lol

  • Game_Master 22
    Game_Master 22

    Let gooooo

  • Muddassir Ansari
    Muddassir Ansari


  • JunkMan

    RoBEST LewanGOALski

    • Hyper Youtube
      Hyper Youtube

      Robest Legendgoatski

    • Orm Bywaly
      Orm Bywaly

      RoBEST LEGENDdowski

  • kubek fukk
    kubek fukk

    Tylko Robert

  • krystziom

    Jestem z Polski i W koncu się tego nie wstydzę !

    • pjetja kasprzyk
      pjetja kasprzyk

      @mienzillaz Nie,za chemię oraz slodycze.

    • mienzillaz

      @pjetja kasprzyk kompleks Niemca widać zadziałał.. to pewnie zemsta za Juranda że Spychowa;)

    • pjetja kasprzyk
      pjetja kasprzyk

      To musisz chyba słabo znać historię swojej ojczyzny,skoro dopiero rekord Lewego to spowodował.

  • CR7 KM7
    CR7 KM7

    Plzzz add lewandowski all goals this season from bundesliga

    • mienzillaz

      That clip is alret there

  • Anas Rashed
    Anas Rashed

    Lewa is unstobable

    • OcEleven

      @Arrrti 86 fax. The term farmers league is used by PL fans when they want to feel great.

    • OcEleven

      @Eric Osagie The Bundesliga is not a farmers league lol.

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      @Arrrti 86 for epl fanboys in UCL Lewy is playing golf.

    • Anas Rashed
      Anas Rashed

      @Arrrti 86 you have a point this other guy is so stupid

    • Arrrti 86
      Arrrti 86

      Real Madrid also couldn't stop him. Same story was with a few english clubs. Stop talking bullshits. He was the best striker in champions league in season 19/20 with amazing 15 goals. He is also the third best scorer in history of champions league. Farmer league... yeah, yeah... how many goals in CL have Aguero, Suarez, Henry, Benzema, Bergkamp, van Nistelrooy, Raul, Ibrahimovic etc.? I think that less than Robert. If he is a farmer... who are they?

  • Daniel Sachs-Amrami
    Daniel Sachs-Amrami

    Considering his slow start, it was incredible to see how Müller picked it up after matchday 12

    • Tommy Zylinski
      Tommy Zylinski

      @Eric Osagiesaid another African football expert 🤣

    • Rune LB
      Rune LB

      @Eric Osagie lol

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      @Kacper Cep remember that city won 3 out of 4 last Premier League seasons

    • Mohammed Ashraf Bin Muteyamen
      Mohammed Ashraf Bin Muteyamen

      @Eric Osagie The o Bundesliga?


      @Eric Osagie yeah, and i won the lottery yesterday. See, anyone can lie like you

  • Edward

    Epic Adminho

  • DE BRUYNE fans
    DE BRUYNE fans

    Kevin de bruyne is m'y légende for me

    • Jason Allen
      Jason Allen


  • ELPOK19


    • gaming sqaud
      gaming sqaud

      No ur not

  • Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih_4D
    Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih_4D

    Im the 1st adminho