Robert Lewandowski "Nailed It" - Powered by The String Art Guy
Lewandowski breaks Bayern legend Gerd müller's 40-goal Bundesliga record
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The 2020/21 Bundesliga season has been Robert Lewandowski's greatest so far. The world's best striker achieved the impossible and broke Bayern München legend Gerd Müller's 40-goal record from the 1971/72 season. Lewandowki's goal-scoring has been a work of art, which is why we needed to celebrate it accordingly. Here, you will see Lewandowski like never before - made of nails and strings, created by The Artist 'The String Art Guy'. How's that even possible? Check out the video.
What do you think? How many nails and how many meters of string were used to create this masterpiece? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Martin Wysocki
    Martin Wysocki

    King RL9🇵🇱🤴🇩🇪

  • Tygrysek Pogo
    Tygrysek Pogo

    Beautiful art !👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Danny Bhoy44
    Danny Bhoy44

    What Lewandowski change in Bundesliga? Profile Pic of Bundesliga after his amazing ball control...and couple of records...

  • O wszystkim
    O wszystkim

    Brawo Robert!

  • Tinizel

    I reckon they would've retained the Champions league if Lewa was fit

  • Jan Nowak
    Jan Nowak


  • MKGaming By Munish
    MKGaming By Munish

    Haaland will break it but not anytime soon... Haaland might leave the Bundesliga and then come back to play for Bayern similar to Lewandoski is my guess...

  • Cristina gavilan top
    Cristina gavilan top

    Ever talented lewangolsk

  • Don Magico
    Don Magico

    4100 nails and 1000 meters string

  • Grzegorz J. Paterek
    Grzegorz J. Paterek

    well how to convert from LewanGOALski into LEGENDowski

  • Yai

    That artist though

  • Barabasz Pruszków
    Barabasz Pruszków

    LEWANDOWSKIII!!!!!!!! The best player on The World!!!🇵🇱👍👍👍

  • Mou Ghosh
    Mou Ghosh

    Me who was overwhelming after drawing potrait of LewanGoalski after his 41 th goal then comes this legend who just "NAILED IT"

  • Mikeontube

    you NAILED IT! :D

  • Klavier Friedenreich
    Klavier Friedenreich

    ballon d'orski this year for sure .


    What an amazing art! Lewy can be Bundesliga's GOAT if he retires in Bayern! "365 total goals record" sounds unreachable just like "40 goals for a single-season record" sounded once before, now he broke one of the amazing records, I am sure he will break another if he keeps himself healthy and renew his contract with Bayern one more time! We didn't witness the great Gerd era but I feel so lucky that I witnessed the "Gerd muller "in modern time: Robert Lewangoalwski! ❤️

  • Lesego Sebothoma
    Lesego Sebothoma

    The only inaccurate thing was that the nails used were more than 41 🤪

    • EnnuiedStealthGamesFan

      Wdym, those were just big nails

  • [LC] Fakey
    [LC] Fakey

    I guess 41k nails and 4.1 km of string

  • A B
    A B

    Cieszcie się Niemcy macie z POLSKI ,, żołnierza z legionu Polska Husaria

  • Santiago Martínez
    Santiago Martínez

    There were used 1,490,668 nails, and 1 kilometer of string 😌

  • sporsho

    Süle: Wait, where are you going? Alaba: Real Madrid.

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend Rayquaza

    2:54 alaba there aged well

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend Rayquaza

    277 for all his goals?

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend Rayquaza

    That artist was truly the “thread” between Lewa and being a legend

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend Rayquaza

    I guess the artist was “hammering in” that “goal”

  • Mahmud Kowsar
    Mahmud Kowsar

    Name of Commentator?

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      Darude Sandstorm

  • Sporting Director
    Sporting Director

    Quality art!

  • Shubham Tiwary
    Shubham Tiwary

    This art of drawing Robert Lewandowski's images by just Nailing it is simply incredible... As Fabulous as Lewandowski's Goals...👌👌👌

  • Adam Kostrzewa
    Adam Kostrzewa

    Lewandowski nasz ambasador w Niemczech

  • Harz.exe

    He nailed it! 😅

  • mudno_ jr √
    mudno_ jr √

    Only legends know this vid was re-uploaded 🙃

  • CR7 KM7
    CR7 KM7

    Bundesliga make video of all goals of lewangoalski this season plzzzz

  • Abdullah Naveed
    Abdullah Naveed

    Nailed it

  • 벨트마이스터

    Bayern Munich 200 goals, please.

  • Jaset

    The art guy did a great job and I admire his talent. I guess he used at least 800 nails and 150 meters of strings to make this art.

  • Troll Sword
    Troll Sword

    41,000 nails and 41,000 meters of string :)

  • James A Howlett
    James A Howlett

    I once had a friend who made this sort of 'string art' thing. They were quite nice (albeit a lot smaller and less grand than this one), but I never got the chance to buy one before we went our seperate ways, which I regret.

  • maki


  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Abubakar Adil
    Abubakar Adil

    And u give player of the season to haaland

  • love4 Tech
    love4 Tech

    Congratulations to Lewandowski , legend!

  • lucky luke
    lucky luke

    incredible! las goal last minut last action

  • Was a lawyer .
    Was a lawyer .

    How talented is that Artist , imagine drawing someone with nails

  • V Arun
    V Arun

    Man he broke Gerd Muller's record but you don't give him player of the season award😒😒😣🥺😟

    • Charan Pudi
      Charan Pudi

      He has been robbed every single time

  • MSJ Incorporated
    MSJ Incorporated

    LegendGOALski get it?! LegendGOALski!

  • Oscar MacRae
    Oscar MacRae

    The nail picture is so GOOD!

  • CrimsoN

    Meanwhile its some holand u was the best bundesliga player this season... Nice joke Germs

  • Maximus Prometheus
    Maximus Prometheus

    World's best striker and player at the moment. Well done! 👏👏

  • Emanuel Lamba
    Emanuel Lamba

    I think he used 4141 nails and 41meters of string

  • Ishwar Nadekar
    Ishwar Nadekar

    Who else but Quagmire .

  • Cezary Antuszewski
    Cezary Antuszewski

    Lewangoalski is The best player on The World!!!🇵🇱

  • Miko Riikonen
    Miko Riikonen

    Greatest of all time has been re-named for bundesliga

  • Ezequiel Carlos
    Ezequiel Carlos

    Na minha opinião Robert e Lewandowski e melhor centro-avante da atualidade Bayer muchen com ele em campo de futebol ser tornar o time que jogar no coletivo mais completo para vencer adversário mais ricos que eles.

  • Xirpzy

    Nice work. Wonder how much time that took.

  • suja Abraham
    suja Abraham

    Pablo Picasso would be proud of him 👍👏

  • Grosser

    You can even say the artist tied all the strings together ;)

  • Aktoto1

    Brawo Robert!

  • Allemeister

    1410 nails and 41m string

  • Rakronssi

    The bayern great is now a legend 👑

  • Krishna Sripada
    Krishna Sripada

    who thinks he should win ballon dor .👇

  • Krishna Sripada
    Krishna Sripada

    if the art guy was lewandowski muller be like: you know robert lewanNailski.

    • Krishna Sripada
      Krishna Sripada

      @Was a lawyer . wow cant beleive its you

    • Was a lawyer .
      Was a lawyer .


  • Marseille C'est La Vie
    Marseille C'est La Vie

    Lewandowski is a Legend

  • Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW
    Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW

    Is it Adminho with the hammer?

  • Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
    Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV

    Only legends know that this is a second upload 😄

    • Skyrush

      Yes, I restarted yt after it recommended this new upload. Thanks for telling. I thought I became crazy cuz I thought I saw it already lol.

  • Manav sidhwani
    Manav sidhwani

    Man this guy has to be on fifa 22 cover

    • S G
      S G

      No way cuz Bayern have given their exclusive rights to PES.

  • Eric Osagie
    Eric Osagie

    Would love to see him score goals in the prem, 41 goals is easy in a farmers league

    • Punlokomovic de Vinho
      Punlokomovic de Vinho

      If it's easy, why didn't everyone score those amount of goals in Bundesliga?

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      @Eric Osagie epl fanboy

    • Eric Osagie
      Eric Osagie

      @Crypto L cry harder, farmer fan 🚜👨‍🌾

    • Crypto L
      Crypto L

      yes, so easy that record was unbeaten for 50 yrs.....

  • Zharfan Zayn
    Zharfan Zayn

    541 Nails and 30 m string

  • Football Club
    Football Club

    This is the greatest performance of a striker in the history. Hats off

    • Guillermo Joaquín Bello
      Guillermo Joaquín Bello

      @Avaflakiez And he didn't win the league. 😂😂😂

    • Jaset

      @Danny Bhoy44 👍😉

    • Danny Bhoy44
      Danny Bhoy44

      @Jaset like You write no point to compare...but haha 😄 its true he is getting better every season in his age should be close to end of career...probably only him knows his limits! if they are...

    • Jaset

      @Danny Bhoy44 I am always against comparison of achievements between players from different era. However, I like comparison of their skills because recent players learn and borrow skills from and previous generation and sometimes they can create something new if they are technically advanced. I believe that van Basten and Lewy both are alike with very good positioning inside and outside the box and ability to free themselves from defenders with one fluent motion. Both share quick foot and are taking very fast shots. Both share ability to score from very difficult or sometime bizarre spots and predict movement of defenders in and out of the box. Lewy developed screening of defenders to perfection (van Basten did not have enough time because injury ended his career too soon). It is the subject so huge that we could write about it for days .Anyway ,at the moment Lewy is the best striker in the world and one of the best players in the world. It is somehow scary that he is still getting better with each coming season ( like self improving robot).👍

    • Danny Bhoy44
      Danny Bhoy44

      @Was a lawyer . if its really You Erling Im Your fan and wish You to get Lewy level... think it came earlier than later...wish injures and some international experience in cup

  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar


  • Hasnain Saeed
    Hasnain Saeed

    What a player he is and what a trebute to him by this amazing guy

  • soleilgacek

    Two artists at work 🙂


    Currently the best player in the world.

  • Dexter The Pug
    Dexter The Pug

    Lewandowski will get 50 goals next season

    • Dz1Qs3k

      Hope so... He is like a wine... older mean better ;p

  • Noob

    Nice art. Love it

  • Aariz Aasim
    Aariz Aasim

    I think 41,000 nails and 99 m of string was used

  • rouen paulo
    rouen paulo

    That Rabona... Sooowh cheekee.🤪😍🤩

  • RazyFoe

    only true fans know its reuploaded video

  • ISB15954

    600 nails, 200 meters of string?

  • Sports Center_HDK
    Sports Center_HDK

    Incredible player

  • Allpong


  • Oslo Norway
    Oslo Norway

    Why does Bundesliga never put links to the channel of the talents they feature? It's the least you could do, so we can find them and admire their other works. Everytime, we have to go searching for the artist and their social media platforms. Could you please, Adminho? Or is it a contract clause thing to not let your subscibers know where to find the artist? Just put links to the artists' channel in the video description 🤷‍♂️

  • ben hssen wael
    ben hssen wael

    I love that crafty picture ❤️💜

    • i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods

  • Ryan

    Is it just me or has this been uploaded somewhere else

  • SK Harsavardhan
    SK Harsavardhan


    • i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods

      @Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW i dont care bumhead

    • Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW
      Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW

      @i hate kent c doods stop advertisinv Ur channel.

    • i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods

      ​@Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW

    • Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW
      Dominik Fcb #sousaOUTNOW


    • i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods

  • Tasty

    I like the part when a commentator said Lewandowski

    • Cradez clan
      Cradez clan

      I liked the part where he said goal


      @MSJ Incorporated oh i don't like that part so much

    • Beyond Added Time
      Beyond Added Time

      true, but thats really cliche if im honest, when he said *Lewandowski* ...that was amazing

    • MSJ Incorporated
      MSJ Incorporated

      @ABOU ARRAJ MARC No I like the part where he said Robert Lewandowski


      I prefer the part when he said Lewandwoski

  • SK Harsavardhan
    SK Harsavardhan

    I think they used 41,000 Nails

  • wavy


  • mitch mwangi
    mitch mwangi

    Let is the 🐐 goat

  • Kuba 19
    Kuba 19


  • Kuba 19
    Kuba 19


  • Rickroll Lord
    Rickroll Lord

    is this reposted

  • Kuba 19
    Kuba 19

    Lewangoalski is The best player on The World!!!🇵🇱👍👍👍

    • Kuba 19
      Kuba 19

      @Aditya Darma Saputra yeah bro

    • Aditya Darma Saputra
      Aditya Darma Saputra

      he is one of the best player and big legend name in football history

    • Brown Dusky
      Brown Dusky

      Right now yes

    • Was a lawyer .
      Was a lawyer .

      @Jucelino trey he is

    • Jucelino trey
      Jucelino trey

      Don't think so, but he is one of the best

  • Keenan 556
    Keenan 556

    Nailed it 😜

    • i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods

  • Piotr Bystroński
    Piotr Bystroński


  • anonymous gamer
    anonymous gamer

    I watched this yesterday lol

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi


    • i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods

  • Tanav Prasad
    Tanav Prasad

    Legendowski get it legend-dowski

  • TheEngineerIsH3r3

    LEW4NDOWSK1 !!! 💥💥💥 Mia San Mia, greetings from Algeria.

  • Bayern Fc
    Bayern Fc


  • S Sinha
    S Sinha

    Just imagine if he would have played both the legs against PSG in R8

    • Was a lawyer .
      Was a lawyer .

      Bayern already didnt lose to psg as normal, they draw with them as 3-3 but away goals win for psg , which means atleast one goal for lewy is the end of psg

    • i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods

    • Arminiusz Mazowszanin
      Arminiusz Mazowszanin

      "what if" - i hate it :D