Ibrahima Konaté - Magical Skills, Tackles and Goals
Enjoy the best of Ibrahima Konaté!
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There are few in the position who excel at so many aspects of the game as the young Frenchman who joined RB Leipzig in 2017. Whether it be in terms of positioning, sticking tight to the striker, intercepting passes, tackling or building from the back, the 21-year-old cannot just do it all, he makes it look easy. No wonder that Konaté, who is a French youth international, has already been compared to some of the greatest defenders in the game. We took a look at his career highlights so far, so you can see for yourself. Now he is joining Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool FC. What do you think: Can he become one of the world’s best defenders? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Nikhil Joshi
    Nikhil Joshi

    One more Great signing from klopp

  • Vemas


  • Goldstein Kidz
    Goldstein Kidz

    welcome to liverpool

  • LLL

    VVd, Matip, Gomez ,Konate at CB, Robbo, TAA at the side, Thor at the GK seriously this is world best defense

  • fafa as
    fafa as

    This guy remind of sakho. Technically good defender

  • b James
    b James

    Can't really compare to Premier league it will be Phillips starting this season and vvd

  • Engineer Kadiye
    Engineer Kadiye

    0:36 even Sadio Mane can't complete those one-two's and end up scoring. He is good.

  • d d
    d d

    Welcome. To Liverpool

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    talented and a player with a lot of potential

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    talented and a player with a lot of potential

  • Opium Eater
    Opium Eater

    Fav mo.....coming to Liverpool fc

  • Matthew S Redhead
    Matthew S Redhead

    I can't wait for Nat phillips and Konate partnership .

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    Welcome lad this player is going to be special

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      Can’t wait for him to com to Liverpool

  • Roberts Home
    Roberts Home

    got to be honest as a LFC fan, a lot of those challenges would have been a penalty in the prem LOL

    • mmpj twod
      mmpj twod

      Welcome to Liverpool ,have great partnership with vvd

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    How to get high views 101. Post the highlight of the player after getting a hype transfer.

  • Raghav Mehta
    Raghav Mehta

    Penalties he'll give away penalties 😂😂😂😂

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Wow so impressive

  • cocobana29

    He looks so calm like VVD

  • Go ishaan GO
    Go ishaan GO

    Wait, he is copying van Dijk

  • Danielobinna Ogugua
    Danielobinna Ogugua

    Liverpool bout to make front 3s cry

  • Number Five
    Number Five

    I’m a Liverpool fans but we need to admit that we afraid that konate gonna be Matip 2.0

  • Elijah Gabriel
    Elijah Gabriel

    Welcome to the Liverpool back 3: Konate, VVD and Gomez.

  • lemon tree
    lemon tree

    Alisson Trent Konate Van Dijk Robertson Fabinho The best back 6 in world football

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    Last time Bundesliga made a video on Timo Werner, he seem to be literally scoring every single chance he got.

  • M Govella
    M Govella

    Basically we are getting a defender who's willing to lick grasses and get dirty in the mud to keep opponents from scoring against us. We have very good defenders, but none of them do this 2:12 risking his balls from being stamped on. A monster defender.


    Unfortunately I reckon some of those challenges would be given against him in the prem. Gone bloody soft


    Can’t wait for him to com to Liverpool

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    Welcome to Liverpool ,have great partnership with vvd

  • Jumpin Nemo
    Jumpin Nemo

    Alisson wont have any work to do next season. Man should just sit on the bench

  • Mukul Upadhyay
    Mukul Upadhyay

    His running style resembles that of Sterling's.

  • Supphakorn kongnin
    Supphakorn kongnin

    Wow so impressive

  • blue

    Smartest signing in 2021 Liverpool will be solid in defence IK&VVD this could be awsome enough to win the league nest season Klopp quietly working away in the background all the focus has been off him hes still creating team Kĺopp is goìng to be awsome i cant wait

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      and runs without the worry for defending

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    the teamwork, skill movement and goal with his left foot was fabulous

  • Brendan Stringer
    Brendan Stringer

    Welcome to Liverpool!

  • Eavy Eavy
    Eavy Eavy

    This isnt Ibrahim sange

  • Shehroze Iqbal
    Shehroze Iqbal

    Sorry guys his a good player but I really hope he flops at Liverpool sorry

  • Joe Biden's Husband
    Joe Biden's Husband

    Him VVD and Gomez as a back 3, in a 343

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      Welcome to Liverpool.❤️🔥

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui

    Welcome to Liverpool ,have great partnership with vvd

  • Brandon Dengu
    Brandon Dengu

    Liverpool ♥️♥️ welcome

  • Thejas nair
    Thejas nair

    Van dyk in making ❤️

  • Hessuin Ismail
    Hessuin Ismail

    Welcome to Liverpool konate 🦏🦏🦏

  • Mysterymaker HD
    Mysterymaker HD

    This guy on Fifa Mobile is crazy. (And In real life 😂)

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      Him VVD and Gomez in a back 3 with Trent and Robbo flying up and down the wings will be unstoppable

  • Zuhair Yassin
    Zuhair Yassin


  • King James
    King James

    Conate is good. Power, strength, pace tackles passes,running with ball and goals He's got everything. Klopp will go back 3 for Liverpool and TAA will do more attacking, crosses, and runs without the worry for defending

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    Welcome lad this player is going to be special

  • Mo Azril
    Mo Azril

    Another Black VVD

  • joe klay
    joe klay

    i hope Konate can adapt quickly.. it is not easy in EPL 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Budikit

    2:10 i'm missing something? how is that a good tackle?

  • Mr. Loon E. Tunes.
    Mr. Loon E. Tunes.

    Welcome to Liverpool.❤️🔥

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      How to get high views 101. Post the highlight of the player after getting a hype transfer.

  • Pato Games
    Pato Games

    He's gonna learn soooooo much from Klopp and Virgil. Such raw talent waiting to be extended further. Imagine the level this guy will be at in 4 yrs time... 🤯

  • Eton Strawn
    Eton Strawn

    Plays like Matip

  • Michael THT Owusu
    Michael THT Owusu

    Daaaamn hes good.. pairing with vvd will be awesome

  • David Mok
    David Mok

    Konate looks amazing but they forgot to mention his frequent injuries, just like Liverpool’s other CBs...

  • EliteFifaGamer

    Him VVD and Gomez in a back 3 with Trent and Robbo flying up and down the wings will be unstoppable

  • deple tran
    deple tran


  • Alex Vasquez Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez Vasquez

    He is really good but is injury prone

  • Arista Budi Setyawan
    Arista Budi Setyawan

    Welcome to melwood

  • Nish

    literally nothing worth 35m. Nat would do this blind folded

  • Barrie Sansom
    Barrie Sansom

    Wow...could be a most important signing! Go Konate!👍

  • The Anfield Lark
    The Anfield Lark

    Dithers criminally but times it perfectly 🤔

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm

    How to get high views 101. Post the highlight of the player after getting a hype transfer.

  • Nicolae Popa
    Nicolae Popa

    According to PLeyes subtitles, his name is Ibrahimovic Konate 😅

  • restin34

    2:28 exactly like Van Dijk throwing the attackers out of the way every time! A steady back four with VVD-Konate, a hardworking midfield , and then Robbo and Trent will keep bombing forward. After that our attackers can wreak havoc now that Jota has already shown what he can do in a red shirt (for both Liv and Portugal) 😎

  • Afolabi Quadri
    Afolabi Quadri


    • drttyu liqm
      drttyu liqm


  • Marko San
    Marko San

    2:28 Lewan please sit down no disrespect Lewandowski is one of my fav striker

  • Heath Phoenix
    Heath Phoenix

    Dayum! Imagine having Konate and Virgil Van djik together. Liverpool's defense will be a fortress

  • JWtheredman

    Liverpool should be winning the league back next season

  • lfcwilli

    Welcome , he’ll have a prem winners medal this time next year

  • fdere we
    fdere we

    ozan kabak

  • cucu nyaii
    cucu nyaii


  • Others


  • Joshua drinks water
    Joshua drinks water

    Thanks bundesliga channel from a liverpool fan

  • Thatguyinthathat. s
    Thatguyinthathat. s

    Me: Konate is a defender I am only interested in his defensive skills. Me: Remembers Alisons season saving header. Me:


    Konate + virgil

  • ExecutorCR

    He is better than Upamecano, way underrated.

  • Sievny Thav
    Sievny Thav

    He looks clumsy

  • Holly Wood
    Holly Wood

    ANOTHER SOON TO BE DUD AT LIVERPOOL .....Just like Keita and Minamino

    • JBoy1996

      @Holly Wood I'm asking Jesus to give the world more salt because you've got it all

    • Holly Wood
      Holly Wood

      @JBoy1996 denial seems to be your strong point buddy...ask Jesus for a miracle next season..hahahahhaha

    • JBoy1996

      @Holly Woodhahaha Jesus Christ leave some salt in the ocean buddy you are producing an unbelievable amount

    • Holly Wood
      Holly Wood

      @JBoy1996 Salt hahahahahaahh.....how is even Mane et Firmino coming thesedays.....and Thiago...hahahahahahah

    • JBoy1996

      Hahahah I can taste the salt from here

  • fz m
    fz m


  • E E
    E E

    Hmmm, I'm not sure. We'll see.

  • Border collie
    Border collie

    Welcome to Liverpool, karate, now lets get some Bruce Lee moves working, like the 1 inch block.


    What a goal he scored

  • olu olubodun
    olu olubodun

    @t @/dvd @/vhs @/tv @/vcr @/toys

  • stonesinmyblood27

    Konate is only 11 years old

  • Anindho Pratomo
    Anindho Pratomo

    Hello my Liverpool lads, we're gathered here today by PLeyes algorithm

  • Samarth Turmari
    Samarth Turmari

    You will never walk alone

  • ่

    Looks like new Phil Babb

  • jag singh
    jag singh

    U can't tell much from vids like this in Premier league u need to stand up and not go to ground otherwise ur likely to give away free kicks and penalties His been a bit injury prone hope that's just temporary as Liverpool already have three very good central defenders but two of them in Joe and Joel very injury prone

  • BanterPanther99

    he is good. Maybe a bit too good for being benched by Van Dijk and Nathaniel ´Natdini´ Phillips

  • mo kahn
    mo kahn

    i think kabak is as good as konate liverpool should keep kabak at only 18m bargain

  • 세계최고감독

    Welcome to LIVERPOOL

  • Immanuel Cheni
    Immanuel Cheni

    The wall of China: Actual wall The wall of Liverpool: VVD and Konate

  • ross 269954
    ross 269954

    He looks class ❤️😍 Welcome to LFC, Ibra! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  • slubert

    2:11 that looks like a penalty via VAR


    My favourite moment being transferred this man to Liverpool

  • ECE ROLL NO. 35
    ECE ROLL NO. 35

    Tackles a bit like zouma

  • Mustafa Saltuk
    Mustafa Saltuk

    Ozan kabak> konate

  • Дмитрий Давидчук
    Дмитрий Давидчук

    Sche*ße Premier League!

  • Blero The Fire Hero
    Blero The Fire Hero

    Arsenal misses out

  • Ray Dignam
    Ray Dignam

    Great signing by the Reds,but come on fsg sign up salah to a new deal ASAP that will be the best bit of business you can do this year

  • Sankhadip Mazumder
    Sankhadip Mazumder

    Waiting for that last Haaland vid 😬

  • hmmer

    Like matip