Gregor Kobel • Top 5 Saves from Borussia Dortmund's New Goalkeeper
The best 5 saves of BVB's new goalkeeper!
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Borussia Dortmund have signed Gregor Kobel. The 23-year-old Swiss goalkeeper left a lasting impression in the Bundesliga last season with his spring-loaded heroics between the VfB Stuttgart posts. We've picked out five of his best Bundesliga saves. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    Bundesliga knows how to mix music and it's videos 🌠🌠🌠🌠🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • The n Social
    The n Social

    Remind me of young Casillas. Hopefully he continue to improve.

  • Art

    Better than burki?

  • Elias Jones
    Elias Jones

    Finally, Dortmund have a goalkeeper that I rate

  • Silverados MR
    Silverados MR

    We all know the process, Bayern will buy him next ! Neuer is getting older, in the next few years Bayern will have him

  • Kevan Chong
    Kevan Chong

    MArvin Hitz was from augsburg too right

  • CHomab Cjabeb
    CHomab Cjabeb

    I honestly think hw should start for dortmund. Bürki is too inconsistant, and while Hitz has been good, I think he has reached his peak

  • D. Shendy
    D. Shendy

    That's why Stuttgart pursue Loris Karius from Liverpool.

  • Never Rap Again
    Never Rap Again

    As long as he can pass out the back

  • Gon S
    Gon S

    with kobel dortmund will win bundesliga title next season. the reason why dortmund this season didn't win bundesliga title is worst goalkeeper 🤡

  • Winston Beckford
    Winston Beckford

    He’s one for the future 🙏🏽

  • claudiowangu

    5 and 1..

  • Elliot F.
    Elliot F.

    gotta love Swiss keepers... Sommer has been my favorite player since his Basel days and now I have a new swiss keeper to cheer on

  • InfinityFootball

    Better reflexes than Burki

  • raiders 25
    raiders 25

    I would prefer Drągowski ... but we'll see maybe Kobel and Drągowski in BVB :D

  • Schwabeneskalation

    We'll miss him here in Stuttgart but I've heard Flo Müller will come, and he's great too

  • mithun mitz
    mithun mitz

    I really hope the Swiss National team select him for the upcoming Euors.He is outstanding.. The Undisputed No. 1 for his Club & Country for years to come.. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Arabella

    Yann Sommer gotta watch for his number 1 Switzerland spot now sheesh

  • ProgrammedForDamage

    He can stop a penalty; that's already a good start. Being at Dortmund I hope he is awesome at spotting and stopping headers coming in from corners. That's been our Achille's heel for seasons on end.

  • Blas Pereyra
    Blas Pereyra

    1:47 OMG the pun 😂

  • Giuseppe Loneliano
    Giuseppe Loneliano

    Hope he does much better than Burki Dortmund have had a decent GK since Roman Weidenfeller

  • Aeutomticat

    He is a keeper...

  • Nash666


  • Santumukherjee Mukherjee
    Santumukherjee Mukherjee

    Just sign for My team in football manager 😎

  • Siddharth Das
    Siddharth Das

    I wish Reus can win the league and CL this year. Although it's too much to expect but Dortmund has a great team. But the defence needs some consistent players. They have an amazing squad otherwise.

  • Balakrishna Nemana
    Balakrishna Nemana

    Bundesliga is the home of great goalkeepers

  • Daniel Sabbah
    Daniel Sabbah

    This kid can exceed burki's level

  • Rayhan Adam Savero
    Rayhan Adam Savero

    Free Swiss chocolate for Dortmund

  • Mannu Anand
    Mannu Anand

    Welcome to Bayern When neuer retires

  • Samiul Fahim
    Samiul Fahim

    What a goalkeeper 👍 !!! Splendid ❤️. Love 💕 you extremely from Bangladesh 😊. Thanks 😊

  • batmanfan1997

    David Vujanic finally cracked it

  • M. Warjri
    M. Warjri

    Hope for BVB this new season

  • Jakov Nenadovic
    Jakov Nenadovic

    I had him in fantasy in three weeks his price jumped about 1M

  • Cyrax 01
    Cyrax 01

    18 clubs, 18 saves plis.

  • Jüggernøut Noobs
    Jüggernøut Noobs

    burki is a huge signing mistake..Just see how Hitz pull him out to the bench,and even away from national squad

  • M Radz
    M Radz

    Idk whether he can perform same like before 😆

  • Badri

    He looks like a beast of a goalkeeper. Wishing him only success.

  • the game for fun
    the game for fun

  • Arjit Jere
    Arjit Jere

    Finally bvb have a good gk(sorry burki)

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

    The lovely lamb biochemically sin because relative electronically thank for a same squirrel. righteous, piquant barber

  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim

    He stopped two PK this season: one against RBL, the other against Schalke. Both are BVB's rivalry! He has Black & Yellow DNA already!

  • dortmund fans
    dortmund fans


  • channel AStv
    channel AStv

    Welcome to dortmund bro🔥🔥

  • Fábio Fussball
    Fábio Fussball

    Next Dortmund's keeper: Sommer 🇨🇭

  • Idham 31
    Idham 31

    Kobel? Kalo Indonesia Kobel itu sesuatu yang dilakukan dengan menggunakan jari tangan 1 atau lebih

    • tengku danial
      tengku danial

      Diam la lo

  • Var Panhasak
    Var Panhasak

    He’ll be the first choice keeper in Dortmund

  • Labrik Halili
    Labrik Halili

    hes stopping some super goals


    Florian muller ?

  • Romasanif

    Kobel good keeper. I'm glad we signed his

  • Ranto Sparta
    Ranto Sparta


  • daniel velasco
    daniel velasco

    Reminds me of young Burki. Hopefully he will surpass Burki's level

  • Tollah Tv ferkah
    Tollah Tv ferkah

    Now they need a defender

  • Paul SMTZ
    Paul SMTZ

    Goodbye Burki✌

  • Meeklmore

    Im so glad he’s on my team 😅

  • the juicy squid
    the juicy squid

    Augsburg with Kobel & Gikiewicz! Insane amounts of talent!

  • Aoife Costello
    Aoife Costello

    Great keepers

  • Louis Nexus
    Louis Nexus

    Looks like our scouts have a thing for only Swiss keepers and Bundesliga players.

  • Finn G
    Finn G

    Underrated goalie for sure hope he's actually getting majority of the starts , comes to stuttgart because he wasn't getting starts. Becomes starter to show what he got and rewarded with this contract

  • Anon Someone
    Anon Someone

    This channel is one of the best and the higlights are always soo good !

  • Otto Welenberg
    Otto Welenberg

    Sergejs Šiškins PLeyes

  • tx ツ
    tx ツ

    Lol and people have the audicity to say that Bayern buy all bundesliga talents.

  • Gdhg Cngxf
    Gdhg Cngxf

    Like Roman Burki ☝🏿

  • Anas Ibn Aziz
    Anas Ibn Aziz

    1:20 ....the pass from Gotze is beautiful

    • Rafael Vemmer
      Rafael Vemmer

      Ah the good old days

  • Yung Max 1 9 9 6
    Yung Max 1 9 9 6

    Kobel > Nübel

  • Rhoan Suede
    Rhoan Suede

    Dortmund likes to collect Swiss keepers

  • Sporting Director
    Sporting Director

    Woohooo! New keeper on our team! Welcome to the club!

  • Arslaan Mazhar
    Arslaan Mazhar

    He is not up to the standards of BvB. I think BVB missed the opportunity to sign better goal keeper Mike maignan.

  • Va4ko Babanata
    Va4ko Babanata

    Dortmund made a very good transfer.

  • Malaki Manka
    Malaki Manka

    How old is he?He is a brilliant shot stopper.

    • Ajayi Ifeoluwa
      Ajayi Ifeoluwa


  • Abu Musa Rohan
    Abu Musa Rohan


  • Candra Auliya Rahman
    Candra Auliya Rahman

    damn, bvb always got bundesliga talents

  • Caperot

    I'll miss you, Gregor! VfB will always be your home!

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • MouraThat

    All 5 saves are amazing. Special player.

  • Brawl Stars - Luka
    Brawl Stars - Luka

    Very good goalkeeper.

    • Brawl Stars - Luka
      Brawl Stars - Luka

      And not good, wonderful

  • Zapert

    Welcome to Borussia Dortmund 🖤💛

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi

    What a signing we got

  • Isaac Ha
    Isaac Ha

  • Pedro Narrador
    Pedro Narrador

    A great goalkeeper

    • Bundesliga

      Very exciting young keeper... ready to take it up to Champions League level 🤩

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Looks like the world has a new Peter Schmeichel.

  • Romel Negut
    Romel Negut

    The double save is my favorite.

  • Tiger Plays!
    Tiger Plays!

    He could easily challenge for BVB’S No.1 spot

    • Bundesliga

      It's going to be a great battle! 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  • sherwatson

    Mostro um dia vou ser tipo o kobel

  • Bert 07
    Bert 07

    5th is his best

  • Shinji 1943
    Shinji 1943

    What age is he now?

    • Lauren Ball
      Lauren Ball


  • Kuba 19
    Kuba 19

    Bürki or kobel?

    • beanbows

      burki is getting sold so kobel

  • Samm Mansion
    Samm Mansion

    GK check ✅ we need a defender 😢

    • Samm Mansion
      Samm Mansion

      @Kman well.... I think that Bvb knows what is best for thier team plus we all supporters also want to see great signing as well , have trust in BVB we will excel this season. We have great attack , good midfield we just have to upgrade our defense.

    • Kman

      @mikolajBVB mikolajBVB Welp there goes the league for another 5 years🙄

    • mikolajBVB mikolajBVB
      mikolajBVB mikolajBVB

      @Kman our midfield is good enough already. Plus, Neuhaus will most probably join Bayern next year

    • Kman

      Why can't we get Neuhaus? Our midfield besides Bellingham should be revamped

    • Adrian Constantin
      Adrian Constantin

      We need 4 defenders

  • RANGO Gaming
    RANGO Gaming

    Pin me adminho❤️

  • Christiano Pulinaldo
    Christiano Pulinaldo

    Kobel > Burki

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      @Christiano Pulinaldo pulissi

    • Christiano Pulinaldo
      Christiano Pulinaldo

      @Russow 10 says the one and only 🐐 russow 11

    • Russow 10
      Russow 10

      The goat is back after celebration mr pulinaldo

  • Manish Pradhan
    Manish Pradhan

    Bundesliga post 2 videos on Monday and on a weekday Me : impossible 🤔

  • Zac Franz
    Zac Franz

    Well, he is definitely good, just wow

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Terrible creativity from a keeper


    Great player Welcome to BVB💛🖤 Is he for first 11 or for the bench?

    • Octagon Productions
      Octagon Productions

      Burki has proven that he isn't good enough for the level of the Bundesliga, so this signing will start for sure

    • Sir Gefar
      Sir Gefar

      @ΑΡΗΣ SUPER 3 he's gonna be sold to Monaco or somewhere else

    • ΑΡΗΣ SUPER 3
      ΑΡΗΣ SUPER 3

      @Lamet No What's happening?

    • Lamet

      Haven’t you heard about what’s happening to Burki 🥲

    • Shinji 1943
      Shinji 1943

      Think he should start.

  • Zac Franz
    Zac Franz

    No wonder they signed him

  • Mustafa Zakarya
    Mustafa Zakarya

    Great saves. #HEJA_BVB 🖤💛

  • مرتضى الحساني
    مرتضى الحساني

    He will be great goal keeper in Dortmund

  • James A Howlett
    James A Howlett

    If you're a young keeper in Switzerland and you see a Dortmund scout, run and hide... they *ARE* predators!

    • Thiago Senra
      Thiago Senra

      And if you are a *French* defender, more precisely *PSG* , run a lot of Scout of Borussia

    • Хорхе Гарсия
      Хорхе Гарсия

      Considering he has been in Germany since 2016 Dortmund scouts in Switzerland have nothing to do with him.

    • Ìtz Ākäsh
      Ìtz Ākäsh

      @Abhirup Nath I know..but you get the point

    • Ìtz Ākäsh
      Ìtz Ākäsh

      Same goes for polskà player too😂

    • Victor

      Same can be said when German clubs hunt down on Austrian coaches

  • C3 Morge
    C3 Morge

    Like there us a bit of luck in 5 and 4

  • Tasty

    The Great Wall of germany. Oh and Neuer, too, I suppose.

    • Victor

      Great Wall of Switzerland

  • Joshua Frentrop
    Joshua Frentrop

    Potential is there still young tho