David Alaba • Magical Skills & Goals
Take a look at David Alaba's best skills and goals!
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With his great athleticism and unbelievable footwork, David Alaba is one of the best players, made in the Bundesliga. At just 28, he has already won 10 Bundesliga titles and the UEFA Champions League, which he lifted twice, as well as playing in over 280 Bundesliga matches. The Austria international is extremely reliable, boasting a perfect range of skills that make him indispensable in defence. With his precise passing and dribbling skills, he can build the game from the back and outmanoeuvre any opponent. Now he will join Real Madrid in summer. Time to look back at his best of in the Bundesliga. What was your favourite David Alaba moment? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Endra P. Lubis
    Endra P. Lubis

    He can play LB, CB, DMF, CMF, LMF a perfect player, but why Bayern let him to Real Madrid ?

  • Sporting Director
    Sporting Director


  • Mr. Hope
    Mr. Hope

    he isn't that good


    The benchmark for a very long time

  • Brayan Alexis Guataquira Perdomo
    Brayan Alexis Guataquira Perdomo


  • Siva Joseph
    Siva Joseph

    His decision of going to real Madrid Isn't good RM buys all best I thought he knew out of all these yrs Bayern RM just buys sometimes they ditch players

  • Rhaniel Medina
    Rhaniel Medina


  • amir khateri
    amir khateri

    Could someone please name a thing alaba couldn’t do? Good dribbler amazing free kick taker,good shooter,wonderful defender.... How all around??? The man won 10 titles in the Bundesliga and 300 matches

  • Cornelius G
    Cornelius G

    I wonder if Madrid will convert him back to LB

  • Clown

    Hope he perform well in Real Madrid

  • Cornellius Dimas Berlin
    Cornellius Dimas Berlin

    Very-very good signing for Real Madrid

  • prince Abdulkadir
    prince Abdulkadir

    He was my favourite player at bayern munich I remember his 1st day and his last day We didn't a player we lost a machine

  • Ryan

    Good luck David.

  • King Black
    King Black

    I wish him all the best legend

  • Yegeta Kebede
    Yegeta Kebede

    10 years ago David Alaba was the Alphonso Davies of today.

    • Yegeta Kebede
      Yegeta Kebede

      @Endra P. Lubis ik

    • Endra P. Lubis
      Endra P. Lubis

      Alaba better than davies

    • Dylan Wright
      Dylan Wright

      He was better than Davies

  • Arunav Das
    Arunav Das

    Just think about Alaba as LB and CR7 as LW. I said just think🙂

  • Armando António
    Armando António

    These guys have nice editing skills Respect.

  • mouiz zenati
    mouiz zenati

    Welcom to rmd

  • Piecia GT4
    Piecia GT4

    Great player

  • Neeraj patel
    Neeraj patel

    Real madrid got best versatile player in the world soo underrated

  • Michael Kebede
    Michael Kebede


  • Sudip Ghosh
    Sudip Ghosh

    As a Barça fan it really hurts me seeing our biggest rival getting a world class lb

  • Sufi BTW
    Sufi BTW

    Welcome to Madrid

  • Henry Crawford
    Henry Crawford

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    • aha fa
      aha fa

      @Aaron Bauer nice bots

    • Aaron Bauer
      Aaron Bauer

      Thanks for sharing I couldn’t agree more .This gave me a small amount of hope thanks,i’ll surely reach out to him and start learning the right way, tired of loosing from price drops, also can’t afford to sell now. Never Panic Selling

    • Nathan Cooper
      Nathan Cooper

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    • Daniel Khamis
      Daniel Khamis

      Cryptoprofit gained my confidence after my first trade with him and various encounters without loss, now I have 4 of my family and friends on

    • Dovid MH
      Dovid MH

      For sharing this you are wonderful a lot of people will keep this private so only then continues to get enrich from this man.

  • Luqmaan Peet
    Luqmaan Peet

    Good luck at Madrid Alaba!😀 Bayern will miss you.


    Barcelona Needed Alaba more than Real Madrid. Yes Or No

  • Robert

    Not worth a 25 million euro contract + 20 million sign-on fee though

    • angusxli

      You’re not worth a dime mein freund

  • Boubacar Syllame
    Boubacar Syllame

    The best player alaba

  • Sem Schouten
    Sem Schouten

    Real Madrid please let him play hé is one of the best CB/lb in de world

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres



    Welcome to the Bayern Munich LEGENDS🤴🏾

  • Hemanth Hemanya
    Hemanth Hemanya

    Alaba is such a classy player.Waiting for a reply from adminho.

  • ZCrainX45 - Gamer Futebolista Basqueteiro Skatista
    ZCrainX45 - Gamer Futebolista Basqueteiro Skatista

    One of the best on his position #Welcome 🤍

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Vivaan Singh
    Vivaan Singh

    I hope he flourishes at Real Madrid👍👍❤️🔥

  • zagvot

    why alaba released from bayern?

    • kucing

      his contract expired

  • jinu9841

    What is music name?

    • Bundesliga

      Rising Stars - Killrude 🎶 Take Cover - Josh Gram

  • Inferno

    He could defend, he could intercept, he could dribble and he could even shoot like attackers , farewell legend.

    • Bundesliga

      A serious all-round talent 🇦🇹

  • Was a lawyer .
    Was a lawyer .

    He is a legend forever 🇦🇹

  • Hasiruddin Hadi
    Hasiruddin Hadi

    If FIFA want to pay you for PS cover, please reject it. Curse of PS FIFA Cover is real. Look hazard..

    • Hasiruddin Hadi
      Hasiruddin Hadi

      @Was a lawyer . I hope so, i wish my words is not happen to Alaba, just want to see him dancing with Real Madrid beautifully.

    • Was a lawyer .
      Was a lawyer .

      And Reus , Messi , Ronaldo.. your words make sense by mistake , since thats not real

  • Maestros

    Lol istg this song plays on every bundesliga skills and goals

  • Вадим Спинкин
    Вадим Спинкин

    Круто спасибо

  • Hưng Nguyễn
    Hưng Nguyễn


  • Mr. Pancakes
    Mr. Pancakes

    13 years in Bayern bought for 150k. Since he was 15. Lost a huge talent and great player.

    • Bundesliga

      Pretty good signing 😅

  • it's ur bwoy Nick
    it's ur bwoy Nick



    Alaba is so underrated

  • mitasi sarkar
    mitasi sarkar

    What a player he is

    • Bundesliga

      He’s won everything with Bayern... and won it all more than once as well 😅

  • mitasi sarkar
    mitasi sarkar

    David 27 Alaba

  • Kuba 19
    Kuba 19

    Thank you alaba. You are The legend👍

  • Matteo Matteo
    Matteo Matteo

    Its gonna LB Alba vs LB Alaba during classico’s

    • 𝘌𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘐

      @Bundesliga underrated comment haha

    • Hx Dx
      Hx Dx

      @Bundesliga 🙄

    • Bundesliga

      When you take the As away... they're both LBs 😅

  • Matteo Matteo
    Matteo Matteo

    Always loved alaba, especially as a leftback

    • Nikolas Kacaribu
      Nikolas Kacaribu

      Will He play as a LW in RM to replace Vinicius 😂

  • Matteo Matteo
    Matteo Matteo

    World class player turn over 30? Goes to barca or real. No wonder they cant compete in europe anymore

    • Raffay Malik
      Raffay Malik

      He is 28 turning 29 he isn't 30

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi


  • adam dambatta
    adam dambatta


  • Законопослушный водитель
    Законопослушный водитель

    Alaba top player

  • mitasi sarkar
    mitasi sarkar

    Welcome to Real Madrid David Alaba.Hope you perform well there in madrid buddy.All good wishes for you bro and thanks for playing for bayern munchin for 14 years.See you soon is Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

    • Kyle Li
      Kyle Li

      Wish Alaba luck in RM! Real Madrid you can do it! I support Bayern but give RM reapect unless if RM fans are toxic

  • Bocor official
    Bocor official

    One of our greatest ever D27 legend 😍❤

  • Minej Mosuris
    Minej Mosuris


  • Jonathan Edge
    Jonathan Edge

    One of the best lb the planet has seen

    • Bundesliga

      🔟 Bundesliga titles and almost 300 Bundesliga matches... it’s been special 🤩

    • Hemanth Hemanya
      Hemanth Hemanya

      He is now a cb

  • Jitenderpal Singh
    Jitenderpal Singh

    Background song?

  • Shayan Kumar Paul
    Shayan Kumar Paul

    Back up for Marcelo ????

  • Heulenison Fire
    Heulenison Fire

    Stop making me miss him

  • Movies clip
    Movies clip


  • Movies clip
    Movies clip


  • 沢木銀河

    Danke David

  • MW7 1604
    MW7 1604

    New Player in Real Madrid.

  • Nujma Nuju
    Nujma Nuju

    Welcome to real madrid🔥♥️

  • GGGamer


  • Barrack Obama
    Barrack Obama

    Sad to see him go


    Yeah i'm fast

  • Tamerlan Khamkhoev
    Tamerlan Khamkhoev

    Legend Alaboom😔😔

  • Nujma Nuju
    Nujma Nuju

    Welcome to real madrid🔥♥️

  • POLO G&K
    POLO G&K

    Bye Alaba

  • Viswajith. P
    Viswajith. P

    Hope He perform good in Real Madrid

    • Bundesliga

      Good luck in his new adventure ❤️

    • Jaheim Kamara
      Jaheim Kamara


  • NAN hub
    NAN hub

    Hala madrid

  • Football Club
    Football Club

    *First.* *Nice video BTW.*

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      You're 3rd

  • CDH 678
    CDH 678


    • Mr. Pancakes
      Mr. Pancakes

      Ur 2nd

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God


  • karollo


    • XxKapiXx


    • XxKapiXx