Bayern München Sign The Next Left-Back Talent
FC Bayern München sign Omar Richards from FC Reading
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FC Bayern München are always on the hunt for talented youngsters. And now with Omar Richards from Reading, they have another new, promising left-back. The 23-year-old Englishman is already an integral part at Reading and is now set to strengthen Bayern's defence. What do you think his role will be at Bayern? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Statik Teslaツ
    Statik Teslaツ

    They have alphonso?


    artist 💥💥

  • Octávio Dinis Cá
    Octávio Dinis Cá

    He's right back🤧

  • Henri Hopgood
    Henri Hopgood

    nothing but respect for this artist but how do you draw a face like it’s real life and then make the adidas logo look like it was done by a 12 year old?

  • Blai Armengol
    Blai Armengol

    Of course it had to be Bayern.

  • Lander Dhaen
    Lander Dhaen

    Bayern finna play fullbacks at centerback, smh

  • Joocey Pale Ork
    Joocey Pale Ork

    Left back in the changing rooms


    Adminho, you need to change the outro. Alaba has gone

  • Zaid Ahmad
    Zaid Ahmad

    Why do Bayern need 2

  • Q Rashid
    Q Rashid

    Bayern’s weakest points is there defence. Happy to see our defensive reinforcements. A back line of Davies, Upa, Hernandez and pavard is a much needed improvement. Perhaps now, Bayern will be the best team in the world.

  • CryptoJack

    Who is that

  • Mesmarldo

    Bayern like stealing players and managers from their rivals, no wonder it's a farmers league. The most boring league which has not competition. Winning a league for 9 years. It's not bundesliga it's bayernliga

    • Mesmarldo

      @Santiago Santos It's my wish to watch bundesliga channel, they steal rival players and it's the truth, they stole gotze, Lewandowski, hummels and after taking best players from Dortmund now the are taking from Leipzig. First upamecano and then their manager Julian Naggelsmann

    • Santiago Santos
      Santiago Santos

      Cool, then why are you on the bundesliga channel? Also, no one is forcing people to join bayern, they're just the club that almost everyone in germany wants to play for

  • Adham 420
    Adham 420

    they signed 21 savage

  • Gabriel Elvis
    Gabriel Elvis



    Frank Rijkaard regen?

  • Capitano

    They have a left back ?


    Bayern should sign this artist itself He is an artist

  • Abdulsami Khan
    Abdulsami Khan

    Bayern doing Gareth’s bidding signing a fullback! Gareth: “Ah another fullback I can take!!”

  • Agnieszka Smolen
    Agnieszka Smolen

    how did u draw this?????????????????????????????????????


    Talented man

  • TylerSuperBad

    Omar Richards plays for my club

  • Muhammad Fajar Ramdhani
    Muhammad Fajar Ramdhani

    Gonna start bulking like Goretzka... Soon!

  • the_game_ mansion
    the_game_ mansion

    how can he draw like yhat

  • Brenden Foong
    Brenden Foong

    Omg Omar Richards

  • Eldar Hasanli
    Eldar Hasanli

    So happy for the guy i wish all the luck to omar

  • Video Central
    Video Central

    No omar should of stayed with us bro instead of aiming for the wage you could contribute to our PL fight

  • MK -
    MK -

    If Richards is as good as his drawing, he has a very bright future ahead of him!

  • Munsif Thasleem
    Munsif Thasleem

    Admin: uploads video... comments: GIVE THIS GUY A PAY RAISE! 😂

  • Izzy Plays
    Izzy Plays

    Is Davies not enough???

  • Emmanuel Awuah
    Emmanuel Awuah

    There are two continents now... The Germans and the other world

  • Emmanuel Awuah
    Emmanuel Awuah

    If only the other teams in the world the German mentality and visionary

  • Chori Dinawan
    Chori Dinawan

    Omar Richards 👍

  • Szczepan Marzec
    Szczepan Marzec

    Słów Many food player

  • Rizal Valentino
    Rizal Valentino

    When he drew the hair, i thought they signed gervinho 😅

    • Rizal Valentino
      Rizal Valentino

      *he / she

  • Sarp Coskun
    Sarp Coskun

    From Reading to Bayern reminds me of bellingham last season

  • El Sueno
    El Sueno

    Did they buy him from another bundesliga team so they can win their tenth title in a row and make the other teams in their league weaker

    • honest 66
      honest 66

      Reading in England

  • Pedro Pierre
    Pedro Pierre

    Bayern understand that without proper left backs their style doesn’t work 💯 Bayern the proper club

    • Valenton W
      Valenton W

      Attacking wing backs on both sides

  • Ryan Jane
    Ryan Jane

    Hernandez and Davies, and now this…….

  • ZzirFrancezZ

    Crazy draw😲

  • Daniel Mills
    Daniel Mills

    People: marvelling at the amazing drawing Me: amazed that he can do perfect stars

  • the juicy squid
    the juicy squid

    I support both Bayern and reading so this move is crazy. Hope Richards does well

  • Edgar Martins
    Edgar Martins

    In the beginning I thought this was a old video and some reason Munich signed gervinho lol

  • Chinmay Neelkod
    Chinmay Neelkod

    Forget player tell me the name of guy who drew❤️.....

  • Präsentation Lul
    Präsentation Lul

    Looks like gnabry 😂

  • 364xxx

    Sule : Wait where are you going? Alaba : real madrid

    • jim bob
      jim bob

      @RJohn outro

    • RJohn

      I didn't get the joke

    • RaazGamin' Skuyy
      RaazGamin' Skuyy

      Lol. Can't Stop Laughing🤣🤣🤣

  • Pranav Marwaha
    Pranav Marwaha

    Bayern Munich 2030 entire team full of left backs 😂🤫😂

  • Uchiha adonis
    Uchiha adonis

    Who is that

  • Sukayo Baka
    Sukayo Baka

    Farmers league .Bayern Munich will win bundesliga for next 5 years.They have monopoly over all the players and manager.

  • Wanna Beatz Music
    Wanna Beatz Music


  • Mark Bruce
    Mark Bruce

    English teams are just pathetic at keeping homegrown talent


    Almost no one appreciating the amazing work the artist has done

  • COD Gamer360
    COD Gamer360

    Omar Richards

  • Dimunn Pa bebet
    Dimunn Pa bebet

    So when will they sign a decent right back though??

    • Dimunn Pa bebet
      Dimunn Pa bebet

      @FIFA IS GOOOOD pavard is not enough,I meant someone with a more attacking profile like davies


      the have pavard he is a more than decent right back

  • Mehmet Emre Kavuk
    Mehmet Emre Kavuk

    And the artist is another super talent

  • Bongumusa Sibisi
    Bongumusa Sibisi

    This person is insanely talented

  • Nepolian Parkar
    Nepolian Parkar

    Heyy bundesliga , Alaba is one of ours now..🤭 #laliga#realmadrid

  • Rajah Khona'i
    Rajah Khona'i

    Could this guy play for Jamaica? Alphonso Davies Canada Omar Richards Jamaica.. Look how England gonna all of a sudden NEED another LB and they'll miraculously decide to call up Richards. Lol lol.

  • Jonathan Abbey-Quaye
    Jonathan Abbey-Quaye

    Why di u take him from us :( good bye omar

  • Im_Still_Here

    The Next Left Back Talent? Mate This guy is 3 years older than davies. I'm not saying he's Bad But Omar Is definitely not The Heir To alphanso

  • Brasil Cavalão
    Brasil Cavalão

    Será que esse jogador é bom,?

  • Brasil Cavalão
    Brasil Cavalão


  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    I like how they hire an artist just to make these cool videos

  • Hanee Mansour
    Hanee Mansour

    davies is overrated

  • Gaurav K Rathore
    Gaurav K Rathore

    Should've draw 5 star badge!!

  • Lisa nesti
    Lisa nesti

    Omar Richards

  • Am Naah
    Am Naah

    I'm guessing this is so they can move Hernandez into CB along with Upamecano. I don't see why else since they already got Hernandez and Davies who are both young but proven in a top level.

  • jayanthymenon s
    jayanthymenon s

    Alphonso Davies

  • C Football
    C Football

    When u look at this,u know it's fake but very beautiful

  • Maki Burgess
    Maki Burgess

    Davies to Manchester United!

    • wonderful human being with a great character
      wonderful human being with a great character


  • iProject W
    iProject W

    we need striker

  • Tanay Rahulkar
    Tanay Rahulkar

    I can't even draw a straight line 😕

  • Ashwin Bester
    Ashwin Bester

    Why do he look like a default

  • gaib aji
    gaib aji

    good for england

  • Shammah Hills
    Shammah Hills

    He won't play

  • STÊRBËÑ 619
    STÊRBËÑ 619

    Bayern's next season 4-2-3-1 will be LEWANDOWSKI MÜLLER GNABRY SANÉ GORETZKA KIMMICH Davies Lucas Upamecano Pavard NEUER This line-up will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rei Kenzo
    Rei Kenzo

    Uhh how about Alphonso Davies?

  • Bayu Alamsyah
    Bayu Alamsyah

    England player from reading

  • Harsha

    But what about davies?

  • Арчи

    Promising? Averages around 6,8 of 10 on Sofascore (only 60% duels won, only 41% aerials won)... seems to be typical Salihamidžić garbage transfer.

    • C Shaffrey
      C Shaffrey

      @Арчи based on what? I watch nearly every Reading game, I can tell you for sure he's a top Championship player

    • Арчи

      @C Shaffrey if HE is great player for Reading and top 3 championship left-back it means that Championship is garbage (which it isn't). This guy is below average at best.

    • C Shaffrey
      C Shaffrey

      Great player for Reading, probably top 3 championship LBs and definitely the best young one. His aerial ability is bad and his crossing isn't great but his dribbling and defending one on one is top class He's also on a free, with presumably not a big contract. He's a risk but a good one to take imo

  • Gyuri

    bayern really has the best scouting team

  • Kaushal Karwa
    Kaushal Karwa


  • Nnamdi Emmanuel
    Nnamdi Emmanuel

    Bayern Munich already chasing mediocrity.... This guy doesn't even have a single goal or an wonder he was signed for free

    • C Shaffrey
      C Shaffrey

      @Nnamdi Emmanuel I agree, Davies will be first choice. But he's a decent backup, with room to develop, and he's completely free. Bit of a risk but he didn't cost any money so a good deal

    • Nnamdi Emmanuel
      Nnamdi Emmanuel

      @C Shaffrey thanks for the reply anyways

    • Nnamdi Emmanuel
      Nnamdi Emmanuel

      @C Shaffrey Bayern Munich don't sit deep..they attack..they also use crosses from their fullbacks and he is not good at crossing..his team didn't even make the playoffs.. no way he is benching Alphonso Davies

    • C Shaffrey
      C Shaffrey

      Richards is a great LB, arguably the best in the championship. Very good at dribbling and defending. His crossing is definitely a weakness though, so he hasn't got many assists. Reading also play a system where fullbacks sit quite deep so they're not attacking that much

  • Aniket Randhavan
    Aniket Randhavan

    The Artist is an absolute genius 👍👍

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson

    Him and Davies battling in out for the first team spot 🔥🔥

  • Dean loftus
    Dean loftus

    Ye really need to give this guy a shout-out after one of these

  • Samuel Nugraha
    Samuel Nugraha

    You mean "Bundesliga sign a new left back talent"

  • fg sf
    fg sf


  • Hadi Drkic
    Hadi Drkic

    Phonzie is better!

  • _ DanL
    _ DanL

    I was wondering at first Gervinho?!

  • Stanky Boi
    Stanky Boi

    Travis Scott?

  • Gerardo Monsisvais
    Gerardo Monsisvais

    So what is Davies getting replaced or will he move to LM

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar

    Bcoz Davies can move to LW 😏😏

  • Sanket Shambharkar
    Sanket Shambharkar

    Man! He just drew him into existence 👍👍

  • Raden Bramarendra Wijaya Swastimurti Rachman
    Raden Bramarendra Wijaya Swastimurti Rachman

    The hair part is my favorite


    Oo what a surprise +!!!!

  • Lucas Yates
    Lucas Yates

    Davies to RW eventually

  • DuckySeal

    He draws better than my iPhones picture



  • EeL

    Of course bayern buying up the competition.😑

    • EeL

      @Am Naah I'm not tho? I brung up completely different things. U brung up the pl but I was never talking about it?

    • Am Naah
      Am Naah

      @EeL so why you arguing my point, if I'm right?

    • EeL

      @Am Naah did I say u were incorrect? 😐

    • Am Naah
      Am Naah

      @EeL what have I said that's incorrect.

    • EeL

      @Am Naah lol I'm pressed? funny coming from u who wrote an essay lol. I'm not even talking abt the pl. It doesn't change the fact that bayern does it more than anybody else.

  • ‎

    The drawing is so good 😍