41 Goals Lewandowski Record, Thrilling Season Finale & Emotional Farewells - Top 10 Moments May
You won't forget these moments in a hurry...
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Another terrific Bundesliga season is behind us - and what could be better than to look back on the superb finale in May? But the month had so much more to offer besides Bayern München's championship celebrations: joyful reunions, emotional farewells, plenty of wonderful goals - and, of course, surpassing everything, record-breaker Robert Lewandowski. In our Top 10 Moments of May there's all of that - and also why the whole of Europe will perhaps soon be talking about Max Kruse. Enjoy! Which moment did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Zapert

    Amazing season 🖤💛 Farewell Piszczek, Schmelzer and Sven Bender..

  • Kosa

    Polak rodak.

  • Felix Smith-Frankenberg
    Felix Smith-Frankenberg

    What about schalke getting relegated

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    The Bundesliga is the best league in the world this league I just love it I wish I had a way of watching it in Zimbabwe 😭😭🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🌠🦅

  • Maciek Żądło
    Maciek Żądło

    I can't find an emoticon that describes these two emotions at the same time. For fans from Poland this season was unforgettable. We said goodbye to one of our legends and we welcomed the new king. God, I love Bundeliga...

  • Gela

    Lewy lewy!

  • Johny Pauly
    Johny Pauly

    Dortmund really didn’t deserve the ucl spot in the long run.

  • Anjungkreatif2013

    German should aware they will not able to produce a great striker better than Lewandowski. Be very very afraid.

  • Alanos Manoss
    Alanos Manoss

    POLAND POWER In the season ( go polska go win euro )

  • Mayuresh Jog
    Mayuresh Jog

    What a season

  • Deborah Weber
    Deborah Weber

    Andre Silva and kramarac however u spell it scored most goals in a season for there club Lewandowski scored the most goals in a season

  • Fábio Fussball
    Fábio Fussball

    May 2021: the most emotional Bundesliga month of the history, i guess


    2:53 the human crying all over the world.

  • Wesoły Konfederata
    Wesoły Konfederata

    Lewy the King!

  • Super Penguin 64
    Super Penguin 64

    Juventus and celtic didnt win a 10th league title in a row this season, so maybe bayern wont next season

    • Big Man Yoshi
      Big Man Yoshi

      If halaand leaves then they are winning

  • Jiali Ding
    Jiali Ding

    Last bender sen bender

  • Jiali Ding
    Jiali Ding

    Sadness Piszkek

  • B.Shreyas Nair
    B.Shreyas Nair

    9:00 I actually respect Bürki for that! He deliberately let it go in

  • Golden boy
    Golden boy

    The dream becomes reallity 🥰🥰💯💯🙈


    Many things happen We found some gem like baku , wamangituka , doan , Musiala Bochum and fruth back in Bundesliga Naggelsman sign for Bayern But some hilarious things happened in this year Schalke and werder relegation Some records broken Naggelsman sign for a record fee. Lewangoalski score 41 goal But most sad thing is Kiel didn't qualify in this season ❤️❤️❤️ But a great Bundesliga season And I hope another boom-baam Bundesliga season next year

  • Jeremy Hew
    Jeremy Hew

    Doesn't anyone think that bundesliga PLeyes channel has the best conveyance of their players. Just impeccable. ❤️😍

  • Lee Gutierrez
    Lee Gutierrez

    Tough to lose playoff final at home that’s a real heartbreak but big ups to koln for the killer mentality

  • Newton did nothing wrong
    Newton did nothing wrong

    Watching this at 41% battery

  • Football Heart
    Football Heart

    Thothenam :Oh we are playing in the Europa Conference League 😕 Union Berlin:Yesss we are playing in the Europa Conference League 😍🙂 That's what it feels when 2 diffrent level team plays in te same league.... Anyway Congrats Union Berlin🔴🔴

    • S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT
      S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT

      For Union Berlin, after being in the Bundesliga for just 2 seasons, they qualified for an European Competition for the 1st time in their history. It’s an extraordinary achievement for them that they will never forget.

    • Football Heart
      Football Heart

      @Uranium-235 Ashviliyandze#3 😀😂

    • Uranium-235 Ashviliyandze#3
      Uranium-235 Ashviliyandze#3

      Arsenal: Noooo! we’re not in the Conference League. 😢

    • Al Ser
      Al Ser

      just mark ur comment . see u in few months ...

  • Cezary Antuszewski
    Cezary Antuszewski

    Ballon dor for Lewandowski

  • Aparna Bhandary
    Aparna Bhandary

    God why did Werder Bremen go down and why did Arsenal stay up :(

  • Konradinho94

    When Piszczek plays Last match I cry Like a kid

    • Koala

      Me too bro

    • Kuboxinho kox
      Kuboxinho kox

      @Ansh Solanki Borussia legend

    • Ansh Solanki
      Ansh Solanki


  • GK Gaming BS
    GK Gaming BS

    lewandowski is just a legend. bayern munich is just a legendary team.

  • Eaazzy Z
    Eaazzy Z

    Will be an outright shame when he gets robbed of BD'or AGAIN. He should be on on #2 right now

  • Wojtek Kosiba
    Wojtek Kosiba

    lewandowski ballon d'or 2021

  • khireddine nazim
    khireddine nazim

    for this kind of moment we love football

  • Treytonland Playz
    Treytonland Playz

    Ballon D’or for lewa?

  • @CFCMoi11

    Love the fact that the admin loves comments.

  • mr maher  17
    mr maher 17

    Adminho im coming


    Great league. Great channel.

  • jeri jericho
    jeri jericho


  • Graham Allen
    Graham Allen

    Great to see Arminian Bielefeld and Koln stay in the Bundesliga!! Wonderful!!

  • Daksh Duggal
    Daksh Duggal

    Irrespective of whether it's Germany or Europe, Lewandowski is always robbed of the awards the deserve. How did Erling Haaland win the Player of the season baffles me. Now people want Kante to win Balon D'Or based on 2 months of good performances. Since Balon D'Or wasn't awarded last season, it's only logical to take 2 years of performances into account. Lewandowski has scored 103 goals in the last two seasons which also includes a god damn sextuple

    • Ngolo Turbo Kante
      Ngolo Turbo Kante

      Kante play good since february because he is injured at january also if kante play very well in euro hw win also balon dor are bassef to 2021 not 2020/2021 kante have also some injures in 2020/2021 but i agree kante is not best player in 2020/2021 but 2021 only kante is best player and all need to agree with them nobody talk when kante at leicester in his best year 9.9 intercaptions per 90 its incredible

  • Noé Goleiros
    Noé Goleiros

    Vcs só postam videos do lewandowski

  • lucky luke
    lucky luke

    lewy imposible!

  • King T
    King T

    I will say this again haaland was 3 goals off

    • Sean

      @King T In all competitions yes, but not in Bundesliga. He only has 27...Closest person to Lewa was Silva with 28 goals...Only in Bundesliga.

    • King T
      King T

      For the last time yes he was on 38 goals

    • Sean

      3 goals off what?

    • King T
      King T


    • Sean

      3 goals off?

  • RazyFoe

    Lewandowski ballon d or?

  • Silent killer
    Silent killer

    *Bundesliga is the best and Adminho is a G.O.A.T* 😇

  • S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT
    S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT

    Wow. What an eventful May it is. VFB Bochum is back in the Bundesliga with Greüther Fürth(Fürth’s comeback even playing with one player less was shocking), Werder Bremen shocking relegation(they were 9 points clear of the danger zone in matchday 24) with Köln’s late goal survival, then winning the relegation playoff against Kiel (who had a awesome season until they lost the last two important games) afterwards to remain in the Bundesliga, Union Berlin’s First European competition qualification, some great farewells(Especially Hansi Flick, who helped Bayern turned into a goal scoring beast) and of course, Lewangoalski’s new record was unbelievable.

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • CR7 KM7
    CR7 KM7

    I like bundesliga commentary world class

  • doge ama oynuyor fan
    doge ama oynuyor fan

    Favorite robert lewondowski

  • Dhruvish Shah
    Dhruvish Shah

    No doubt the Best Moment in Bundesliga was Lewan41ski Goal🔥 A Pure Inspiration, An Legend🤝🏼❤

    • Dhruvish Shah
      Dhruvish Shah

      @Bundesliga Indeed😊 He wanted to do it in a Super-Hero style🔥 Our Legend Lewan41ski for a reason❤

    • Bundesliga

      Saved it until the last minute of the last game Incredible 🤩

  • Thomas McInerney
    Thomas McInerney

    Is it fair to say that Union Berlin were the most improvoved team of the season.

  • Bilal Ahmed Shariff
    Bilal Ahmed Shariff

    Love it, Adminho

    • Bilal Ahmed Shariff
      Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      @Bundesliga Yeesss...that's why I followed very closely

    • Bundesliga

      What a season, Bilal! Stories every week 🤩

  • Abdirahman Yassin
    Abdirahman Yassin

    Best channel 🐐 bundesliga we love u cant wait next season

  • Brawlstarspolska blog
    Brawlstarspolska blog

    Top moment in this year it was be when LEW41GOLSKI wrote a history on The last game and last minute of the match. This goal is an example that we should always belive 💪

    • Alex The Gamer
      Alex The Gamer

      @Bundesliga unless he beats it next season lol

    • Bundesliga

      It could be the record for a LONG time 👏

    • Kamil Beeli de Belfort
      Kamil Beeli de Belfort

      if he only would've been fit every game..... xD

    • Kamil Beeli de Belfort
      Kamil Beeli de Belfort

      11 goals more than Messi with 30 goals... wow

  • Mahmud Tariverdiyev
    Mahmud Tariverdiyev

    Love the german accent in the background voice of the video

  • Achmad Mustofa01
    Achmad Mustofa01

    Bayern winner,Dortmund/Haaland on fire,Schalke relegation,Bielfeld stay after dramatic last match,Frankfurt and Leverkusen to UEL,and Union Berlin to Confrence Cup(first compition Europe) after Karius join.Good job all pkayers and club in season 2020/21 Bundesliga👏👍

  • Gopi Krishnan
    Gopi Krishnan

    The most emotional moment in bundesliga will be when adminho retires 😭

    • Gopi Krishnan
      Gopi Krishnan

      @Bundesliga ok i hope i will be alive by that time 😆

    • Lupus TheKIng
      Lupus TheKIng

      @Bundesliga so you are that young and handsome 😀😀

    • Raja Kar
      Raja Kar

      @Bundesliga a long way to go dont worry

    • Bundesliga

      May 2097 👴

    • Gopi Krishnan
      Gopi Krishnan

      @Lupus TheKIng me too

  • Thousand CRF • há 17 anos atrás
    Thousand CRF • há 17 anos atrás

    Lewandowski 🔥🔥

  • Eradical Gaming
    Eradical Gaming

    Lewandowski for Ballon d'or Prove me wrong

  • Armi Deluxe
    Armi Deluxe

    Gruther fürth and Poland striker Robert Lewangoalski these are my Best moments

  • Dusan Makivic
    Dusan Makivic

    Great season in the Bundesliga!

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi


  • SneakX _15
    SneakX _15

    Danke Piszczu 💪

    • SneakX _15
      SneakX _15


    • Bundesliga

      👏 👏 👏

  • Nazish Ahsan
    Nazish Ahsan

    Lewandowski for the Ballon d'or again?

  • Sayambhu Choudhury
    Sayambhu Choudhury

    Will miss this season sooo badly.....many things seeming difficult things happened this season what a wonderful season


      @Bundesliga what a season

    • Bundesliga

      @Sayambhu Choudhury That too 💙💚😔

    • Sayambhu Choudhury
      Sayambhu Choudhury

      @Bundesliga and sadly we saw the two german giants fall

    • Bundesliga

      Lots of records broken, lots of young stars lighting up the pitch and some incredible team achievements 👏

  • Andy

    Lewandowski is surely up there with the GOAT strikers for sure a delight to watch

  • AmadDialloSZN ✔️
    AmadDialloSZN ✔️

    Imagine getting a heart from Adminho

    • AmadDialloSZN ✔️
      AmadDialloSZN ✔️

      @Bundesliga WOW! THANKS FOR HEARTING!

    • Bundesliga

      Imagine 😬

    • AmadDialloSZN ✔️
      AmadDialloSZN ✔️

      @Dusan Makivic lol

    • Dusan Makivic
      Dusan Makivic

      ❤ Adminho Iol

  • Rithesh Rao
    Rithesh Rao

    Hope we will get same entertainment next season too

    • mr maher  17
      mr maher 17

      Next season will be really different

    • Bundesliga

      Guaranteed 😀

  • mitasi sarkar
    mitasi sarkar

    Good one

  • AM24football

    bundesliga is fire 🔥

    • songofstyle

      كل زق

  • Was a lawyer .
    Was a lawyer .

    Ballon dor for Lewandowski 🙋‍♂️

    • Gunnerzzz14

      @Bundesliga do a lewandoski all 41 goals this season, maybe one for halaand aswell

    • Lord Bendtner
      Lord Bendtner

      @Bundesliga more like Robert BallonD'orski.

    • Bundesliga

      LewanD’orski 😉

    • Snehangsu Kumar
      Snehangsu Kumar

      Hi Bro I like your videos

    • Andy

      Was robbed of it already

  • gaming sqaud
    gaming sqaud

    Lewangoalski!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • DENTOn X3
    DENTOn X3

    This seems more important then my online class

  • DENTOn X3
    DENTOn X3

    Fun fact : the most hated thing in youtube is the ads without skipping botton 🤣

    • Raja Kar
      Raja Kar

      no one cares bot

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      Lol I have that now

    • Epicastroman

      Not important

  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar

    I want your autograph Adminho

    • Bundesliga

      ( < : ✍️😬

  • Simon .R
    Simon .R

    Early gang?

  • karollo

    Lewandowski król

  • _ Psychopath
    _ Psychopath

    Ballon dor for the machine #lewandowski

  • Harry O'Neill
    Harry O'Neill

    You're a very good channel.

    • Bundesliga

      Thanks Harry! 😍

  • monke

    hello how are you

    • Akansha Arora Chojher
      Akansha Arora Chojher

      Pretty good

    • monke

      @Bundesliga Well thats good to know :D

    • Bundesliga

      Pretty gooood ☺️

    • Was a lawyer .
      Was a lawyer .

      I was a lawyer how are you

    • Big Chungus Is My God
      Big Chungus Is My God

      I'm living in Spain without a

  • _ Psychopath
    _ Psychopath