18 Clubs, 18 Saves - The Best Save By Every Bundesliga Team in 2020/21
Neuer, Gulácsi, Sommer \u0026 more - simply the best from every club!
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German goalkeepers are always among the best in the world. Manuel Neuer even boasts the title of The Best FIFA Men's Goalkeeper 2020. They've shown what they can do once again this season, with great reflexes, spectacular dives and world-class saves. Time and time again, they leave opposition strikers in despair. The last man who's capable of winning a game by themselves, as the great Oliver Kahn once said. Here are the best saves from each Bundesliga team, proving that the league's goalkeepers have been rock-solid again this season. Which stop impressed you most? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Floppy Panda
    Floppy Panda

    i think there was more than 18 saves lol

  • Mohamed Osman
    Mohamed Osman

    8:29 Best one

  • ProgrammedForDamage

    The fact RB Leipzig are as high as they are rests a lot on the shoulders of Peter Gulácsi. The guy is ice cold in goals and makes a lot of smart decisions. He's right up there with Neuer last season. I think he even had more clean sheets in the Bundesliga.

  • MeCantSpell

    Stefan Ortega is MVP for Bielefield.

  • Wiktor Niedźwiecki
    Wiktor Niedźwiecki

    Rafał Gikiewicz are the best

  • iCockaine


  • BOB

    Yann Sommer in the top 5 goalkeepers in the world without a doubt

  • Ahura A
    Ahura A

    Neuer the GOAT

  • Nie Lubię Gdy Ktoś Patrzy Jak Jem
    Nie Lubię Gdy Ktoś Patrzy Jak Jem

    I love how after a save pro GK's roast their field teammates for letting the shot happen.

  • saint

    Feel bad for Hoffenheim ngl

  • Здравствуйте

    Sommer was the best

  • Niklass

    I was just looking and waiting for hradeckys save and i don't regret

  • 겜플릭스

    3:50 I'll put in my grandma, too.

  • Salman Farsi
    Salman Farsi

    Timo Horn's save imprecise me the most

  • PieLSiPi

    Gikiewicz is one of the bests if not the best bundesliga goalkeeper right now.

  • Ardana Putra
    Ardana Putra

    Manuel Neuer goat

  • Abdelrahmam El Omari
    Abdelrahmam El Omari

    Bvb save and stuttgard 🗿

  • Qwerty qwerty
    Qwerty qwerty

    #Neuer, best save

  • Synske maggy
    Synske maggy

    I got a Neuer keeper suit yesterday!

  • doge ama oynuyor fan
    doge ama oynuyor fan


  • sabcrib commentor
    sabcrib commentor

    Why is the striker celebrating 4:22

  • Fábio Fussball
    Fábio Fussball

    The best two saves of the season that Yann Sommer realized had some involvement of Bayern Munich... incredible!

  • Fábio Fussball
    Fábio Fussball

    Before to watch: Ortega realized the most brilliant save of the season. Three times

  • Diogo Dias
    Diogo Dias

    Bundesliga goalkeepers are the best goalkeepers of any league in the world

  • Buwuz_

    I really loved the save from Hitz, very underrated goalkeeper in my opinion he deserves more attention

  • Legend Rayquaza
    Legend Rayquaza

    #SOMMER was the best and funniest

  • LambentLizard

    Incredible save from Sommer! The Bundesliga keepers are world class!

    • Am Naah
      Am Naah

      Funny how his save of the season is in the game he let in 6 goals

    • ProgrammedForDamage

      He often comes up with some fantastic saves does Yann Sommer.

  • NF fifa and fortnite
    NF fifa and fortnite


  • Sayambhu Choudhury
    Sayambhu Choudhury

    Not only in that bayern game.... but also yann sommer have saved like this in one other match also i dont remember the team 🤔🤔but he is underrated got to say

  • Purple Pen
    Purple Pen

    4:45 koulibaly at home

  • Giacomo Guidi
    Giacomo Guidi

    Ronnow's save was brillant! How did he reach that!?

  • SOMEONE 17
    SOMEONE 17

    Somner, Neuer, and trapp for me were the top(btw I’m not one of those people who doesn’t know what they’re talking about I’ve played goalkeeper for 12 years at a high level)

  • Horace Bell
    Horace Bell

    Leverkusan one and the last one

  • Dylan S.
    Dylan S.

    Marwin Hitz had one of the best free kick saves I've seen.

    • Dylan S.
      Dylan S.

      @Bundesliga Oh my days, the lord himself has commented. Praise admihino!

    • Bundesliga

      Goes into the Greatest Hitz collection 😜

  • Youssef Malak
    Youssef Malak

    Best league in the world 💛

  • Kristoffer Kämpe
    Kristoffer Kämpe

    Sommer is the most underrated GK in world football

  • Oğuzhan Arabacı
    Oğuzhan Arabacı

    I want to see 100 nations 100 bundesliga goals

  • Chenyi (Leo) Tao
    Chenyi (Leo) Tao

    The clearance by the defender was also brilliant for the Dortmund one

  • Andrew Hollins
    Andrew Hollins


  • Hay. Y
    Hay. Y

    The Bayernliga

  • ThePowerof Sand
    ThePowerof Sand

    "I'm surprised it isn't 5:0" *looks at endscore* Oh no...

  • jinjar

    Best save was from hradecky to be honest

  • Suleiman Said
    Suleiman Said

    Frederick Ronnow

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    That save from Hitz was world class 🖤💛 also, welcome Kobel!

  • Youshs groovy Channel
    Youshs groovy Channel

    Pavlenka doesn’t deserve to get relegated

    • Здравствуйте

      no one does.

  • 乞丐


  • Armaan

    Somner's save is the best one on here.

    • Am Naah
      Am Naah

      Let in 6 others in that game though😮

    • Bundesliga

      Every season he has a few stunners 🤩

  • Joanna Kozera
    Joanna Kozera

    Leverkusen sefe

  • Romi King
    Romi King

    Armina is the best

  • Alessandro Arnold
    Alessandro Arnold

    I was waiting for this video, great content as always!! Stefan Ortega had a great season and that save tho, just impressive!

    • Bundesliga

      SO BIG so often this season... A great shotstopper! 💥

  • Nazrul Haris
    Nazrul Haris

    1:52 that Bielefeld likes James Maddison face

  • azula


  • DeraTv

    Awesome saves by awesome goalkeepers

  • Super Gamer
    Super Gamer

    The Bundesliga has got The best keepers in The world and this is why

  • Djilali Abdelkader
    Djilali Abdelkader

    Yann Somer vs FC Bayern

  • Nicolas Chramega
    Nicolas Chramega


  • Keizxa XI
    Keizxa XI

    7:13 Bayern

  • Luqmaanulhakim

    Eveytime dortmund best save must be a freekick moment why can't you do one vs one moment like the others

    • Cameron Dwyer
      Cameron Dwyer

      Cause dortmunds keepers are terrible

  • Armi Deluxe
    Armi Deluxe

    Idk if someone remeber Zenter mistake

  • LegendFederer20

    best saves where, RB Leipzig, Bayern, Wolfsburg, Mainz and Schalke

    • Sayambhu Choudhury
      Sayambhu Choudhury

      dortmund and wolfsburg saves were technically similar

  • Armi Deluxe
    Armi Deluxe

    Can you upload the Best mistakes in these season in bundesliga ; )

    • CocaCrocs

      That would just be 15 minutes if stuttgart

  • Norman Mugisha
    Norman Mugisha

    Stefan Ortega 👌🏽

  • Jedi Mom
    Jedi Mom

    Gikiewiez is absolutely class, shame he has a poor defense to accompany him

  • False Alarms
    False Alarms

    Best tackles, best assists, best substitutions


    jeez all were femonenal

  • Bilal Ahmed Shariff
    Bilal Ahmed Shariff

    Sommer's triple save is just out of this world!

  • MouraThat

    Bundesliga has very good goalkeepers. Like nearly all of those saves were just world class. Wow.

  • Gopi Krishnan
    Gopi Krishnan

    The best bundesliga save is when adminho saves the day by uploading Big fan of bundesliga Pls pin 📌

    • Mr_moon

      ... begger

  • B.Shreyas Nair
    B.Shreyas Nair

    Kinda surprised that Casteels is not in here

  • dimowsky

    Hoffenheim suffered a lot with bundesliga goalkeepers😂

    • dimowsky

      @Bundesliga Wait,ADMINHO?

    • Bundesliga

      They all turned into superheroes! 🦸🏻‍♂️ 🦸


    #sommer and #trapp were best

  • 123anaya14

    Hoffenheim hate this video 😉

  • Tomi Keidel
    Tomi Keidel

    9:17 "During 20 20 21 season" 🤣

    • Marek Rosiak
      Marek Rosiak

      Well that's how you say...

    • Beyond Added Time
      Beyond Added Time

      he means 2020/21 idk whats so funny

  • Marie Burton
    Marie Burton

    The one that impressed me the most was the Leverkusen save

    • Bundesliga

      @smeep They flying Finn! 🧤

    • smeep


  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar

    I have come here for ManWall Neuer , you know ManWall Neuer

  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi


  • Sinan Shanavas 4
    Sinan Shanavas 4

    ManWall NewYear 🔥🔥🇩🇪

  • Var Panhasak
    Var Panhasak

    My favorite one is Kobel

  • Cameron Dwyer
    Cameron Dwyer

    Casteels has saved about 15 1v1s this season and the wolfsburg one has gone to pervan what a joke

    • patrick

      except that one was imo the best in the whole video 😂

  • zkr

    bundesliga has the best keepers in the world!


    8:22 Kobel💛 Welcome💛

    • Bundesliga

      Some incredible reflexes ⚡️

  • Cameron Dwyer
    Cameron Dwyer

    Neuer save vs wolfsburg was the best this season dont know why its not on this

    • Cameron Dwyer
      Cameron Dwyer

      @Aramo Dirmesropian last minute in the 2-1

    • Aramo Dirmesropian
      Aramo Dirmesropian

      which one? 2-1 or 3-2.

  • TatePictures

    Sommer and Neuer had the best ones

  • Simon Rainer
    Simon Rainer


  • TatePictures

    2:58 his named is spelled Marwin not Marvin

  • Mo Mai
    Mo Mai


  • Shane Daniel
    Shane Daniel

    #Péter Gulácsi



  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Woohyun Son
    Woohyun Son

    I thought Neuer's last minute save vs Wolfsburg would have been on here

  • Flawed Nerd
    Flawed Nerd

    we are gonna see more from Neuer in Euro 2020

    • A4

      @Johan Niemann for some reason uefa are sticking with the name ‘euro 2020’ instead of renaming it to ‘euro 2021’

    • Pogger Island
      Pogger Island

      @Johan Niemann its called Euro 2020

    • Johan Niemann
      Johan Niemann

      Ahh yes in 2020

    • Ipoly Závorszki
      Ipoly Závorszki

      More huge mistakes

  • Dakku

    Me : waiting to see Neuer.

  • Jakub Horák
    Jakub Horák

    TOP 5 Neuer Hitz Hradecký Zentner Ronnow

  • Mccoy

    Miss watching Bundesliga

  • Allison Asher
    Allison Asher

    My cat died four days ago and it was my first ever pet death and I cried for hours straight my mother wanted something to cheer me up and saw this notification on my iPad and I smiled for the first time in a long time RIP Louie died within 24 hours of symptoms 😥😓😰

    • Varchasva Pandey
      Varchasva Pandey


    • Mega Cat
      Mega Cat

      Hope you're doing well now, RIP Louie.

    • Akansha Arora Chojher
      Akansha Arora Chojher


    • Marvin Black
      Marvin Black

      RIP Louie

    • db

      rip louie

  • Jakub Horák
    Jakub Horák

    *Pentke is here for Hoffenheim* Baumann : 🥲

    • FGC TopTSR
      FGC TopTSR


  • CR7 KM7
    CR7 KM7

    Manu Neuer the best goalkeeper in the world right now

  • Miko Riikonen
    Miko Riikonen

    My top 3 saves 1 neuer match day 8 2 gulaschi match day 12 3 hrádkerý (called at my village the finnish becker)match day 7

  • Yousuf Islam
    Yousuf Islam

    Is this Derek rae or is it just me 0:47

    • Adam Carr
      Adam Carr


  • Πάρης Τζιαμπαζιδης
    Πάρης Τζιαμπαζιδης

    I have been waiting for this video for months!! Thank you Bundesliga!

    • Bundesliga

      The wait is finally... over! 😄