18 Clubs, 18 Goals - The Best Goal By Every Bundesliga Team in 2020/21
Lewandowski, Haaland, Poulsen \u0026 More - the best of every club!
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2020/21 was another thrilling Bundesliga season. Together with you, we've been through a lot of intense and memorable moments. With the campaign over, it's time to look back at some highlights - and there's nothing better than spectacular goals! We've picked out the best from each club, and it's pretty epic with the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Erling Haaland, Yussuf Poulsen and plenty more. So, sit back and enjoy the action with 18 goals from 18 clubs. Which did you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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  • BaNaNaS

    3:12 Schalke 04 E 4 Tane Atmışlar ahehrhpcbıhrbıdfbhc

  • 51jo_

    8:13 WAMANNNN

  • wilson lu
    wilson lu

    The illustrious point elderly complain because magician evolutionarily curve besides a friendly yarn. mellow, busy cyclone

  • Kubikaka tv
    Kubikaka tv

    Twice 🇨🇿

  • MeCantSpell

    Frankfurt. I can't sit down and eat let alone score!

  • Reggie Jarvis
    Reggie Jarvis

    How many left foot volleys

  • Armzilla 123
    Armzilla 123

    3:10 the way Haaland runs XD

  • Incredible Beats
    Incredible Beats

    Why show every goal in the build up

  • Okyiebey Olom
    Okyiebey Olom

    Commentator: Yousef Poulsen! He's not only young and viscous! 😂

  • Ferdi Andrews
    Ferdi Andrews


  • Blue Bamboo Music
    Blue Bamboo Music

    How is that Frankfurt's best goal of the season, it was a sitter...

  • Simão Bichinho
    Simão Bichinho

    Best League Channel of the world, greetings from Portugal!

  • Colour Daley Blind
    Colour Daley Blind


  • No Flex Zone
    No Flex Zone

    Schalke's goal was the only one goal scored in the tournament

  • dime Light
    dime Light

    “Best goals in 2020201” 😂😂

  • Afonso Vaz
    Afonso Vaz

    How does no one talk about André Silva? He literally got more goals than Haaland and no one talks about him. He had a beast of a season

  • ish


  • Jackywacky Doodah
    Jackywacky Doodah

    Lazaro scorpion was my favourite

  • Jaafar Haruna Dasuki
    Jaafar Haruna Dasuki

    robert skov goal was brilliant

  • Pure Cringe
    Pure Cringe

    When you take a sitter literally was frankfurt goal

  • Elşən Musazadə
    Elşən Musazadə

    I think Puskas 🏆 is Lazaro's... Insane scorpion goal 🦂

  • Yusuf Syed
    Yusuf Syed

    Robert is not even better than Salah your telling him the best striker in the world

  • Dank Kush
    Dank Kush

    Schalke's one XDDDDD

  • Yashsmith

    Farmers league

  • Suleiman Said
    Suleiman Said

    Kruse Lazaro Duda poulsen all were the best

  • Rossi Kerr-foley
    Rossi Kerr-foley

    Augsburg only conceded bangers this season I swear

  • Jake Van der Putten
    Jake Van der Putten

    How is the amazing longshot from sabitzer not there

  • Rens Joosten
    Rens Joosten

    Wait Shalke scored this season?

  • ulises ramirez rojas
    ulises ramirez rojas

    Yo boy Roy music really confused me for a second

  • Bruh _
    Bruh _


  • Man Utd Lists
    Man Utd Lists

    Between Taremi and Lazaro for Puskas this year I reckon

  • Patryk Chlipała
    Patryk Chlipała

    Gikiewicz is honestly so unlucky GK :P

  • TheSkaffaOne


  • Fatboi

    what is that narrators voice. he sounds more at home on love island

  • Owi Kowalski
    Owi Kowalski

    Only i see a lot of this best goals is Against ausburg

  • Noah Sager
    Noah Sager

    Good vido hart my commet

  • SoccerLeo44

    I am a dortmand fan. If we did not have haland we would get destroyed.

  • Skorup

    Lewandowski watching this: meh

  • futurist

    That’s goal of Valentino Lazaro was incredible 🤦🏻‍♂️🔥

  • HowesSpace

    What a wonderful freekick Vogl-sama uwu

  • Mr. Plant
    Mr. Plant

    Almost every goal is against Augsburg or Schalke lol

  • ReleasedTuna3

    Looking at that sylas goal desperately trying to not scream WAMAAAANNN

  • Pes club
    Pes club


  • Bot Boy
    Bot Boy

    The abusive roll mostly bleach because tadpole neuroanatomically excuse atop a rural gym. divergent, rich wedge

  • Kostasboica


  • Arnel S
    Arnel S

    Poulsen's goal was insane 🤯

  • Jørgen Skarstein
    Jørgen Skarstein

    Holy left foots!

  • Harry Perkins
    Harry Perkins

    How come so many bangers are scored in the bundesligua

  • Anay Gokhale
    Anay Gokhale

    Why was sabitzer’s rocket not included?

  • Simp 2710
    Simp 2710


  • Glenn Hampusson
    Glenn Hampusson

    It had to be waman

  • Björn Goossens
    Björn Goossens

    Damn lots of amazing goals in the bundesliga

  • Aaraav Ovalekar
    Aaraav Ovalekar

    Amiri robbed

  • Francesco Rossetti
    Francesco Rossetti

    Augsburg never concedes ugly goals, at least their fans can't get angry when they concede a goal

  • RNG-Bananaツ

    Haaland and lewandowski is magnificent 2 of the best players of German football and in the world 👍 love bundesliga from BARCELONA

  • joshua2010660

    where's 18 best celebrations?

  • Xexo Iang
    Xexo Iang

    why this isn't in germany language?

  • Grand Pickle
    Grand Pickle



    Putting the amazing goals aside for a minute, big up the commentators!! So much passion in their voices.

  • Pepe Laugh
    Pepe Laugh

    Skov's dropkick and Lazaro's scorpion kick are the best ones.

  • Alex Murray-Bruce
    Alex Murray-Bruce

    Let’s be honest, we all came here to see Waman, and when we do we think of Danny Aarons

  • John Odande
    John Odande

    IMV, Wamangituka's goal is the most exceptional. The rest were almost a replica of each other. His was the only one where a player carried the ball from his own half to the opponent's box and scored. Brilliant because such goals are becoming a rarity these days in world football.

  • Sukheja Manoj
    Sukheja Manoj

    1:09 same strike as kane

  • Little Oscar Gaming
    Little Oscar Gaming


  • JamRole Studio
    JamRole Studio

    My Best 1. hertha berlin 2. m'gladbach 3. stuttgart 8:11 4 liepzeg

  • JamRole Studio
    JamRole Studio

    can you imagine a free kick or penalty being your best goal in the season

    • MaxLeC0nkerant 2003
      MaxLeC0nkerant 2003

      Well à free kick yeah, though à penalty would really suck

  • sam1018s


  • Aleks Nguyen
    Aleks Nguyen


  • Alex Blatte
    Alex Blatte

    Suprised schalke even scored a goal

  • Edozie Johnson
    Edozie Johnson

    I missed the Amin Younes one for Frankfurt

  • Loppan Mackhé
    Loppan Mackhé

    I just love to watch Hoffenheim, Wolfsburg, and Leipzig's goal they´re my favourite but if I need to choose one I take Wolfsburg goal

  • Michael Bruh
    Michael Bruh

    shackle I wanna know what there best goal is because they done horrible

  • Karl Laoun
    Karl Laoun


  • Joyel Joyson
    Joyel Joyson

    Fans : We need something variety ❤️ Bundesliga admin : Wait a Min🔥

  • Hamzeh Krayim
    Hamzeh Krayim

    The Bundesliga is the farmers league always Bayren win

  • Jorge Quinones
    Jorge Quinones



    Waman definitely is top 10 in dribbling in the bundesliga

  • Ben Jay
    Ben Jay

    great hit, how did andre dudat?

  • Matthew Osler
    Matthew Osler

    I think Valentino Lazaro had the best one this season... and he did not even look that impressed about it! The man has ice in his veins.

    • NinjaOfTheSands

      I think it's more that it what in the very last minute of the game and they knew they had still lost, otherwise he definitely would've celebrated more.

  • Paul Andranian
    Paul Andranian


  • Boone Davis
    Boone Davis


  • Viide Ide
    Viide Ide

    I don’t know but i like Hoffenheims half volley the most

  • SKoch 999
    SKoch 999

    “Levy” is the best in any situation ... No.1 !!!!!

  • Smeland


  • GDPika


  • Fábio Fussball
    Fábio Fussball

    Kruse, Skov and Duda. My top 3

  • Lukasz Sleczkowski
    Lukasz Sleczkowski


  • TheYouInar

    Feel bad for these goalkeeper, having to face these screamer and possibly getting football PTSD when a player dribble the ball into the box

  • Oliver Blake
    Oliver Blake

    8:20 wamannnnnnn

  • devastKink

    Ich wusste gar nicht dass Schalke diese Saison Tore geschossen hat

  • Antek lol
    Antek lol


  • Daniel Foley
    Daniel Foley


  • H D
    H D

    Best goal in the season a basic free kick? Really....

  • tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
    tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG

    Schalke actually scored a goal?

  • Brian Pollux - Official
    Brian Pollux - Official

    I expected that amiri goal ngl

  • Chav

    I love these commentators

  • Unknown Exist
    Unknown Exist

    3:51 - "Adminho" Scoring In "Fifa" 😉😁

  • crixus123 crixus123
    crixus123 crixus123

    2:20 matches are not rigged? You sure?

  • Mahir Ulaş Çeşni
    Mahir Ulaş Çeşni

    0:33 Augsburg 1:05 Hertha Berlin 1:33 Union Berlin 2:00 Arminia Bielefeld 2:30 Werder Bremen 3:04 Borussia Dortmund 3:39 Eintracht Frankfurt 4:05 Freiburg 4:32 Hoffenheim 4:57 Köln 5:23 Leipzig 5:51 Leverkusen 6:18 Mainz 6:41 Mönchengladbach 7:06 Bayern Munich 7:41 Schalke 04 8:11 Stuttgart 8:54 Wolfsburg

  • Lebron Tripita Yeims
    Lebron Tripita Yeims

    Lazaro from Mönchengladbach the best by far...