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  • Mason

    "How to Score The Perfect Goal From A Corner?" Answer: Play against Dortmund

  • Addo Densu
    Addo Densu

    Bayern should have signed him on a 5yr contract..the world will be starved off the attacking brand of football flick offers. I hate Germany for taking this pleasure away from football fans

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal


  • Zenit

    The fact bundesliga is so good is they have more precise information...and also it really help me so much as a footballer!❤

  • pietro ruoto
    pietro ruoto

    PLEASE come to Lazio 🙏

  • @CFCMoi11

    Whenever I think of corner, I think of Hummels

  • Sarita Keefer
    Sarita Keefer

    6wnkz vur.fyi

  • Сінан Шанавас 4
    Сінан Шанавас 4

    Since I am Good at Aerial challenges in Defensively and Offensively, I am good at scoring Headers from the Corner

  • Сінан Шанавас 4
    Сінан Шанавас 4

    Next video: How to Score perfect Own Goal from Corner?

    • Сінан Шанавас 4
      Сінан Шанавас 4

      Any pun about it.?

  • R Sarathi
    R Sarathi

    😂😂😂adminho own goal from corner 😂😂

  • sepehr gl
    sepehr gl

    Robert Lewandowski's scissors are the best

  • Campbell F
    Campbell F

    How is the goal probability for Skhiri’s last goal only 40% when he’s about 1 yard out?😂

    • Divenaldo Penaldo
      Divenaldo Penaldo

      Strikers like Werner and morata miss these. So, that’s why probably

  • Braithwaite For Ballon d'Or Official
    Braithwaite For Ballon d'Or Official

    I though Adminho was teaching physics ... oh sorry entered the wrong class XD

  • Snehangsu Kumar
    Snehangsu Kumar

    How to score a corner goal Ans:- Ask Adminho to head it in his own net

  • Rəvan İbrahimli
    Rəvan İbrahimli

    Orel Mangala and Levangolski😅

  • ivyson gaming channel
    ivyson gaming channel

    The king of headers is lewandowski

  • Riza Celme
    Riza Celme


  • Katiuscia Fabello
    Katiuscia Fabello

    ADMINHO 🤩😍 Perfect Team Perfect Bomber Simply The Best

  • Festus Kokoroko 7
    Festus Kokoroko 7

    This commentator deserves an award 🔥🔥🔥🤝

  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang

    Sup adminho? 4 mins, how early


    It also helps if you have towering centre backs 👌🏾

  • Murad Cafarov
    Murad Cafarov

    Adminho my Uncle Eldaniz Khalilov was A Footballer in Neftchi Baku And he scored So many own goals to did he teached you how to score own goals

    • Snehangsu Kumar
      Snehangsu Kumar

      Adminho is the leading scorer of own goals Adminho didn't took lessons from anywhere

  • Cixll

    Haaland: Head ball in goal

  • Dino Job
    Dino Job


  • Lukas Müürsepp
    Lukas Müürsepp

    Adminho is gonna score a perfect direct corner goal into his own goal.⚽

    • Murad Cafarov
      Murad Cafarov

      He Already did it in Bochum Bayern Match

  • wizz -
    wizz -

    How to be the perfect center back please adminho👌

  • Jovan T
    Jovan T

    The dislikes are from Adminho Fc players who thought *direct* from corner :(

    • Jovan T
      Jovan T

      @- yes because Adminho doesn't have anyone in his team

    • -

      Zero dislikes mate

  • I feelse Moba Gaming
    I feelse Moba Gaming

    Old werner and now lord werner

  • Angus Duncan
    Angus Duncan

    First to coment

  • Bubu


  • mr_ downy
    mr_ downy

    First shushhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Maestrosity Gaming
    Maestrosity Gaming


  • Kuba_Football1






  • danish

    You just cannot be that good

  • TaTa Garfield
    TaTa Garfield

    For Bundesliga which have only 18 teams in the league, I believe that it may take another 50 or 100 years for another record breaker. Or maybe, he will break the record himself.

  • Mohamed Drissi
    Mohamed Drissi


  • Marcin Grabowski
    Marcin Grabowski

    Coutinho and dusseldorf best

  • vallebassen


  • MaRoMoRoStaR

    Oliver Kahn down with a Big K.O 😂

  • Madellina Martindale
    Madellina Martindale

    Next = Top 10 best comebacks?

  • pog champ
    pog champ

    what the English national team need is on the yt, embarrassing

  • Petros Tomaras
    Petros Tomaras


  • 6A 25 Abhang Davkhar
    6A 25 Abhang Davkhar

    Adminho, the time has come to upload your own goals.

  • Hood Exclusives
    Hood Exclusives

    ‘You just cannot do it, you just cannot be that good’

  • Dypuia Hmar
    Dypuia Hmar

    Robert lewandowski vs M'gladbach goal is so beautiful

  • Umar Farouk
    Umar Farouk

    He's so good and calm on the ball

  • Rafsan Tahir
    Rafsan Tahir

    Pls dont leave bayern lewangolski